Monday, June 05, 2006

What Does This Press Report Tell You?

Only Five Students Complete Course:

Only five out of the 169 students from Negeri Sembilan sent to the Al-Azhar University and the Cairo University completed their studies without having to repeat their courses. Negeri Sembilan Student Welfare Special Officer Abdul Malik Kahar attributed the problem to poor mastery of Arabic and the learning system there. "Their lecturers use the official Arabic language (fushah) and also the local Arabic dialect (Ammi) which pose problem for the students," he told reporters after a briefing with State Financial Officer Datuk Norzam Mohd Nor at the Negeri Sembilan House here Monday. He said some students also did not sit for the papers due to changes in the timetable for which they were not duly informed. To overcome the problem, Abdul Malik advised students to be proficient in the language and also suggested that the Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Council (MAINS) provides intensive course in the language before sending them to the universities. The briefing was held in conjunction with Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan's visit to Egypt and Jordan since yesterday.-- BERNAMA

**** for a layman like me, the conclusions I can make after reading the report are:

1) The Negri Sembilan Government does not know who to send for tertiary courses overseas. Just because some places are given on either country to country or religious considerations does not mean you can send any Ali, Abu or Ahmad to a foreign university and somehow expect them to pass. 5 students passing out of 169, places Malaysia in the laughing stock category.

2) Negri Sembilan is suffering from a serious shortage of good students.

3) The government department or the authority involved in the selection of these students has no clue what are the requirements in pursuing tertiary education in Egypt, which I find very surprising, what with so many students graduating from there.

4) The world renowned Al-Azhar University and the Cairo University have badly 'jatuh standard' in accepting these type of students in the first place.

5) And this is pure speculation; that the person who released this report to the press, Negeri Sembilan Student Welfare Special Officer Abdul Malik Kahar is in deep shit for bringing the 'good' name of the state into disrepute. Be prepared for either a retraction from him soon or a denial from some big guy in the state government.


Blogger walski69 said...

Or probably the good students go study something more worthwile - like the sciences or engineering. Or even the arts.

But on the not-so-good flipside - these folks will return, to do what, exactly? And I'm talking about the ones that pass.

Already, there have been comments on how conservative-minded Malaysian students at al-Azhar are (in general) - a wider world view somehow doesn't change them to be more receptive to the dynamism the real world exhibits.

But I suppose, conservative minds flock together... and in an august institution like al-Azhar, no doubt many birds of many feathers can be found. Such is a real university, unlike most we find here in Malaysia.

The last thing this country needs is to fill up its bureaucracy with more conservatism; as if life is not oppressive enough as it is.

6:42 PM GMT+8  
Blogger szu said...

huh, come to think of it, they might as well send non muslim students. wait a minute, why the hell not?

7:49 PM GMT+8  

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