Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Datuk Ikhwan Salim Sujak - A Disappointed Man!

Who the devil is this Datuk Ikhwan Salim Sujak you may ask. Five minutes ago I had no idea who he was either. But now I do and so should you. A man who is 'disappointed' for all the wrong reasons.

Read this part report from The Sun:
The Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) city day budget committee chairman is disappointed that "Petaling Jaya will not be able to tell the world it is a city" following the slash in funds to promote its new status.

Datuk Ikhwan Salim Sujak said the main purpose of declaring Petaling Jaya as a city is to tell investors that "this is a place which has all the infrastructure and facilities of a city. I'm disappointed because the main purpose of declaring MPPJ as a city is to tell investors that this is a place with all the infrastructure and facilities of a city," he said.

"At the end of the day, even if we get one or two large investors, it is the people of Petaling Jaya who will benefit. "I'm embarrassed when people ask me why there is nothing happening to indicate that the town is gearing up to be a city, only negative news in the media."

**** From which desolate outpost does this guy hail from? The state government is blowing away RM2 million of taxpayer's money and he has the audacity to crib and cry in disappointment! "Oh, gimme another 5.5 million ringgit sahaja lah and I'll be happy for PJ. I spend but you benefit. I sacrifice, you the people of PJ gain!" Another altruistic politician or a fortune hunter by a different name? In his case - MPPJ City Day Budget Committee Chairman.

Semuanya OK-fame Khir Toyo is unusually quiet. Cat got your tongue? Or is it the landslide? In any case about time you told this guy to shut up, learn to work within his already oversized budget and tell him that investors don't give a damn how much he spends on 'city day' but what you and the state can offer them in real terms not an unnecessary mega-party no one wants except the state government. If he still whines then send him back to his kampung and put a genuinely experienced person in his stead. What is the point of calling it a city with the same 'majlis' brains in place?


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