Thursday, July 03, 2008

Polls Show Support For Malaysian Opposition Leader

From the New Zealand Herald.
Opinion polls show most people believe Malaysian Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim did not commit sodomy against a young aide after a similar charge landed him in jail for six years before it was overturned.

A small survey by the independent Merdeka Centre research firm found just 6 per cent of respondents believed the allegations, and nearly 60 per cent viewed them as politically motivated.

A separate survey by independent news website Malaysiakini showed that 94.4 per cent believed the allegations were part of a political conspiracy against Anwar.
***** Even after making allowance for a substantial margin of error, these numbers are huge! What it clearly indicates is the level of distrust the average Malaysian has in the government of the day. These polls in fact question the integrity of our leaders and their propensity to play dirty when the chips are down.

We should keep in mind that almost every top pemimpin of Umno from the PM down have denied complicity in this sodomy issue and have squarely put the blame on Anwar himself. Yet the majority of the population still believes that it is the PKR leader who is telling the truth! Speaks volumes of the faith the rakyat have in this kerajaan. Not a good sign for Umno.
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Anonymous Yoko said...

this is exactly what Anwar has been trying to do. I'm a Malaysian with no stake in any governmental position or power, and I distrust the said opposition leader. has it ever crossed anyone's mind that this might be EXACTLY what he was looking for? play victim, throw allegations around to cripple even further our already shaky foundation, and then emerge hero? what do these large percentage have to say about the timely interference from the US? that should speak volume about his ally and what he would use to trade with them - the sovereignty of our country.

12:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Majority ?
From where I come from, every single collegues of mine and my neigbours all believe He did rape the poor guy.

If you have not noticed, actually every single DAP (opposition) Big Gun never come out and say they believe that he did not do it.

They know something that we dont? Or they know something that we already know.

So, the Nonsense poll result is just a Nonsense poll result.


12:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous kucing menulis said...

Ini semua drama Anwar, dia saja nak buat keadaan jadi macam ni nak raih simpati. Tak pun sebenarnya memang dia liwat budak tu, tu sebab lepas kes liwat ditimbulkan banyak pulak drama yang dia buat, kata ada orang nak bunuh lah, lepas tu bangkit kan balik isu lama pasal mata dia lebam tu(padan muka). Lagi satu nak kata majority dekat poll tu, kita nak tahu jugak sample yang diambil tu dekat mana, menyeluruh tak. Setakat poll tu je, tak reliable sangat.

12:26 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Ah Seng said...

The polls didn't reflect what really happen. Only a fraction of Malaysians actually took the poll. How can we be very sure that it's a valid platform to represent how Malaysians feel about this case? No we can't.

12:29 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Name/URL said...

I agree with ahseng. The result from this poll also didn't prove that Anwar is innocent..

1:13 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous wisdomthinker said...


Most people in New Zealand did not believe DSAI did not commit sodomy against his ex-aide after a similar charge landed him in jail 6 years before it was overlanded? Based on what views that make their stands? This guys even hardly live in Malaysia yet they can give opinions in whatever they like. U dont have to believe that this poll is going to affect our stands.

I'm a Malaysian. I believe I know my country well better than them. They give their poll based on their media and their intelligence. WE MALAYSIANS know every single things that this reckless politician is trying to make action.

In my opinion, I bet almost all malaysian believe that Anwar is playing his best cards by his dramtic scenes which captures the sympathy of the public intially which in turn his parties tends to turn stories after reporters storm questions and they cant even tell the facts and information which we could exactly agree and rely on. He the "drama queen" indeed did do fantastic actions like charging police reports the IGP and AG to dig out so called his innocent stake in the first sodomy issue.

Much of the actions that he had done damaged the reputation of Malaysia. He has gone overboard by using his personal act-misbehaviour cases called sodomy to be intervening with his interest politics. And worst of all, making US intervening with our internal affairs of our country. What an irresponsible and selfish person.

2:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous no logic said...

Mr. Logic,

the friends you are talking about must be your family members. That's a record man!

3:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous oOFooi said...

Yes. Opposition is hope of M'sia! We need to change~~

5:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous ReeWoo said...

not a valid poll. The same person may answer twice or even more.
This doesn't represent the whole nation's opinion.

6:05 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the hell care if the guy has been sodomised by Anwar. It is the guy who is stupid to bend down for Anwar. You tell me a 60 year old has the strength to subdue a 23 year old and sodomise him !!! Lets be fair, the report did not say he was raped, why were there no bruises on his body or bones broken. If he was ever sodomised if was his fault, call it sodomised with mutual consent. I don't feel sorry for that kid, he is probably an idiot any way.
As a Malaysian I am more concerned with the shit that the DPM is involved in and worst still we have an idiotic PM who says he will handover power to this Mongolian bomber. I may have to give up my Malaysian identity if Najib ever becomes the PM, Malaysian citizenship will be worthless.
Digusted Malaysian

9:54 PM GMT+8  

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