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MCA Seeks Unbiased Review Of Syllabus & Contents Of History Textbooks. There's No Chance Of This Under An Umno Govt

From today's The Star.
The MCA has recommended that a multiracial committee similar to the one formed to fine-tune the Ethnic Relations module be set up to review and finalise the syllabus and contents of History textbooks.

Its education bureau chief Senator Datuk Lee Sing Chooi said a review paper providing recommendations to improve the syllabus had been submitted to Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

“As citizens of a multi-ethnic, cultural and religious country, it is paramount to give due recognition to the history of each community in an unbiased manner.

“The subject should not just focus on one section of the community while neglecting to mention the roles and struggles of all communities,” he said at a press conference at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

He said information on major civilisations throughout the world should be expanded further to keep abreast with general knowledge and to encourage the understanding of international relations and history.

“This will provide a more balanced paradigm for our future generations and offer them a more competitive edge in embracing the challenges of globalisation,” he said.

Lee said personal convictions that might influence impressionable youths should be omitted from the contents of the textbooks.

“Terms which will spark feelings of uneasiness, resentment and result in rifts in our multiracial country must be avoided.

“The younger generation should be provided with a well-balanced perspective to instil unity and to share a common burden of nation- building and progressive outlook for the benefit of all,” he said.

At a separate press conference, Hishammuddin said he would study the syllabus and contexts of the textbooks in a comprehensive way.

“The National Education Blueprint (2006-2010) is for us to bring transformation to the educational field, and within these five years we will listen to constructive suggestions,” he said.

Lee together with The Review Paper project coordinator Loh Seng Kok and Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research CEO Fui K. Soong later issued a joint statement addressing the same sentiment.
***** If MCA genuinely wants to see a more accurate depiction of the nation's history, it should first change its support from BN to Pakatan Rakyat. There is simply no way that the fanatics in Umno would allow the truth to be told. They would prefer to wallow with pride in the fictional muck that they have created over the past fifty years.

In any case, even if some honest umnoputera (if we can find one and Hishamuddin definitely does not fit the bill) attempts to provide an unbiased version, he'll be hooted and booted out of the party. Certain historical half-truths, like ketuanan Melayu, a vague 'social contract', the unrestrained romanticising of Malay warriors and freedom fighters, the near total omission of the contribution of non-Malays in nation building, the over-emphasis on things Islamic and a pro-Arabic slant are essential for the continued survival of Umno.

MCA is either possessed with exuberant optimism, remarkable naiveté or is in perpetual denial mode for expecting meaningful changes to the syllabus and contents of our history books from Umno, home to the most rabid cultural and racial zealots in the country.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

After its terrible drubbing on 8th March, MCA needs to pretend that it has turned over a new leaf and is standing up for Chinese rights. However, outwardly this is just for show because during cabinet meetings these rich, fat bastards who claim to represent the Chinese will merely keep quiet for fear of umno

12:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Purple Haze said...

If MCA truly wants to regain the lost ground, they must ensure that initiatives like these are publicised widely within Malaysia, so that if the requests are not accepted, they would have scored points for "trying".

Of course, if they quit the BN, they can definitely regain the lost ground much more rapidly.

1:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous LC Teh said...

When OKT said he wanted to let of holding on to power I thought, "Huh? What power???"

Whatever they're now talking about, it's like they're groping for the balls they lost years ago. Tell us again if they ever find them. Meanwhile, I prefer to listen to PR and their promises. At least they're more realistic and believable.

1:33 PM GMT+8  
Blogger PL said...

If there's no chance under Umno Govt, why does MCA keeps hanging on to BN? All your trying is just sandiwara. MCA will be more credible for "trying" if they are no more in BN.

2:37 PM GMT+8  
Blogger tualang3 said...

Review of syllabus is okay but the emphasise should be more on terms, but not on facts. Some terms are deem negative in the context of nation building. So change them. Sometimes our perspectives are based on appropriate terms used rather than facts. For example the term `rakyat' and `orang ramai' has different shade of meaning if used. Samy Velu is fond of the word `rakyat' than `orang ramai'. So how do we perceive him and what is the consequence of that perception? I always looked upon Samy Velu as a person who put himself high above others. And that sentiment is no good to unity.

8:02 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Edi神 said...

Politics are not for the weak! Who is friends? Who is foes? only time can tell!

who is RPK working for?

Anwar... what is he up to?

The system didnt failed us, we failed to build a working system!

Sodomize cases are consider less important than a c4 murder but acted in such haste!

Drama Anwar? It seems 95% msian doesnt believe so

Sabah is so poor now, they still wanna play around with Sabahan mind! CRUEL

Most ppl believe all the bad things Madir did like judging, framing anwar & etc. but nobody cares because his contribution is much greater than his destruction.

Najib... Najib... is tasting what anwar tasted as a Deputy PM!

MCA is also politicking, should have done that long time ago!

12:17 PM GMT+8  

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