Thursday, November 29, 2007

ISA Threat: Human Rights Groups Criticise Malaysia, While Umno & Its Bootlickers Support The Idea

The hype amounting to a hoax which Umno is trying to pull on the citizens is another example of the intolerance and feudal mentality of umnoputeras. Apparently many of these greedmongers want the Internal Security Act (ISA) to be used on those participating in rallies. In this way they hope to put a lid on discussion and protests over the racist practices of the government as well as the looting and corruption which Umno leaders have been actively engaged in all these years.

According to these crooks and their shoe polishing cronies, 'various quarters' have voiced support for the announcement by the PM on using the ISA, and these buggers want to immediately implement the move so as to 'preserve unity' and political and economic stability in the country! The irony is that these political charlatans are the ones who have contributed the most to inter-ethnic disunity by playing off one group against another and practising overt racial discrimination.

Directly opposed to this Umno inspired false claims are the lawyers and human rights groups here who criticised the government's threat to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) to suppress street demonstrations like the one held by Hindraf last Sunday.
The threat to use the ISA came from the PM, after a confrontation between the police and over 10,000 protesters.

The ISA has been criticised by both international and domestic human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, the Malaysian Bar Council, and the Malaysian Human Rights Commission on grounds that it violates fundamental international standards.

The Bar Council, which represents about 12,000 lawyers, said that invoking the law would be retrogressive, counterproductive, and high handed. "Gone are the days when force could be used to solve our problems. We are entering a new era of openness and democracy. A vital part of that process is to hear the voice of the people and to heed their call," the council said in a statement.

The rally by long suffering and impoverished mainly lower income Malaysian Indians was in support of a $4 trillion lawsuit filed in London by Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf). The group with plenty of justification also claimed they were being marginalized.

Many non-Malays have repeatedly complained that they are discriminated against in terms of education, religion and opportunities in the country, but their voices have largely been ignored by the Malay leadership who while playing to the gallery and providing symbolic sops to the genuinely poor among the Malays, have in reality been aggressively enriching themselves, their families, cronies and a handful of their henchmen and supporters. Their strategy is that if a group questions their intentions and the way they are ruining the country, our artfully manipulating pemimpin2 will confuse the issue, give every accusation and argument a racial twist, make bangsa, agama dan negara speeches to arouse the fears and prejudices of the average Malay while cleverly and deviously portraying themselves as the protector of Malay rights and simultaneously pummeling the accusers into a state of paralysis and total silence. With the connivance of the sheepish mainstream media they have succeeded remarkably in the past. But in this era of the internet and blogs which the umnoputera hates with passion, alas, their pillaging has and will be publicized the world over. And this, the feudal warlords of Umno cannot stomach.

Read of the tempatan hype on protest rallies here and laugh your guts out: Various Quarters Support Use Of ISA To Deal With Street Demonstrations.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ISA is never a threat for people who cconduct and operate themselves within laws. For troublemakers like Hindraf ISA is obviously the much needed instrument to use.
Any properly raised, educated cultured and decent human being of this nation definitely approve ISA.
I am a hindu I've an ancestral link in India and last election i
I did not vote for UMNO. I just want my children to complete thier higher education and they dont have to be like my father working in Chembong estate NS. A few of my children are already doing well in thier respective right and position. Because of agreeing with ISA I am a bootlickers. Wake up have a decent existence like proper human being not CREATURES.

1:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous shake said...

These bootlickers just want to promote themselvels before the general elections.

2:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not UMNO bootlickers I believe that but you're Uthaya's and company shoeshine boys. You know what? you and I virtually similar we are IDIOTs being used and abused. Who do we blame? others! because we cannot see the stupidity in us. WE think we are smart that's the reason why we dare to put flames on vehicles and destroy public properties. Once again we are BIG IDIOTS.

5:50 PM GMT+8  

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