Saturday, December 08, 2007

Concerted Government Lies To Create Conditions For Use Of ISA Against Hindraf

Not to be left out from this malicious attempt by the government to spread such wild stories of terrorist links between Hindraf and outsiders is our 'revered' DPM Najib who claimed today that it is an extremist group whose actions have gone overboard to the extent of threatening national security! Also barking from the sidelines are the infamous thugs of Umno Youth baying for blood.

The umnoputeras involved in this big bluff have decided that by making such an example of the leaders of this movement, there would be no more public protests against unjust government policies for the next twenty years, or at least until the present bunch of crooks in the ruling party are either dead and gone or convalescing in an infirmary for the stone-hearted.

See how over the past week alone there have been so many coordinated attacks by ministers, public groups, the IGP and other bootlickers. Even the inconsequential small timers are speaking out despite their disapproval of the way government is running rough shod over everyone.

Giving an inkling of the government's devious plan is that arrogant loudmouth Samy Value who today pompously declared that the MIC Will Not Interfere If PM Wants To Invoke ISA On Hindraf Leaders.

It is not only Hindraf that the government is worried about. Its bigger fear is of those perceptive Malays who know of and are uncomfortable with Umno's modus operandi, are not that easily tricked by our pemimpin's silap mata and in time may decide to take their grievances to the streets as well. There are literally millions of Malays out there who are not supportive of the way the party is running the country and while they may have personally benefited from the NEP, are not about to compromise either their values or their conscience by blindly sokong-ing modern day highway robbers in politicians' baju.

It is to this group as well as to any wayward adventurer from among the currently docile Chinese community, that this message of ruthless suppression of dissent is meant for. Ten thousand Indians making noise and creating disturbances is not in itself a big deal for the government. But if they had allowed that to happen unmolested, then they would be opening the floodgates to future protests of a more serious nature for the umnoputera, especially if those protests are led by Malays and highlighting Malay dissatisfaction with the government.

The only way to avoid such a politically unacceptable scenario is to make the leaders of Hindraf pay for their 'sins'. Therefore the strategy is to ply on the pressure, keep relentlessly demonising them and hopefully elevate Hindraf to the level of the Al-Maunah group. Once the government is confident that this has been achieved, charge the sods under the ISA and whisk them away to some god forsaken prison to rot incommunicado.

But what a tragedy it will be though for Malaysian democracy. A movement of impoverished persons merely demanding that they be given some rights that the constitution has guaranteed them. And for those demands their leaders will be incarcerated and their supporters punished over the years. The sacking of RTM's Minnal FM DJs is just the beginning. What a shame and a sham.
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Anonymous Trishul said...

Open questions to PM.

If you did not do the following, we would just be as happy doing our own stuff:

1. You systematically hindered our progress:

a. You could not compete in education so you created matrikulasi. We had to slog for STPM and your kind get away easily in matrikulasi.

b. Even if our kid gets 10 As, they will be offered some god forsaken course such as food science. Whereas you stupid kid from matrikulasi gets MBBS.

c. We mortgage our property send our children to Russia, and you bastards claim its not qualified course.

d. We shit blood to do law at U of London, and you fail 90% of them through CLP. And a Malay who actually failed his law exams but since he was Mara sponsored, not only magically graduated but became a magistrate.

2. We can't compete in tender.

3. Promotion is based on Race but you whine saying non bumis do not want to serve in Military, Police and Civil Service.

There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING left to us. When we console ourselves by prayer, YOU BASTARDS DEMOLISH OUR TEMPLE.

IF WE ASK QUESTION WE BECOME TERRORISTS. Is this the way of your Islam Hadhari Mr. PM?

8:36 AM GMT+8  

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