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"There Is No Discrimination In Malaysia," Says Samy Vellu!

With the MIC getting hammered by everyone within and without the country for grossly neglecting the poor Indians in Malaysia, a desperate Samy Vellu tried his best to claw back some credibility and respect by first latching on to the government inspired Hindraf-terrorist conspiracy fairy tale and second unashamedly declaring that there is no discrimination in Malaysia. He also dished out slanted, cooked-up statistics which no one, not even those in Umno would believe.

Please read the following report from Rediff News.
Rejecting claims that ethnic Indians are being marginalised, a Malaysian minister on Friday alleged that 'some' organisation from India and local opposition parties in Malaysia were behind the high-profile protests launched by the community in the Muslim-dominated nation.

"Someone is behind them from India to create civil disobedience, some organisation. They have their own objective and they succeeded in their first attempt when the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), a non-governmental organisation, called for the demonstration in November," Samy Vellu, the Indian-origin minister for works, said.

Vellu, however, refused to elaborate or name the organisation, but alleged that the demonstrators were lured by money.

He also alleged that the Hindraf was supported by the opposition, including former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, and noted that another opposition group, the Democratic Action Party, had supported the outfit on the first day of the demonstration.

A police crackdown on a protest in Kuala Lumpur on November 25 against alleged discrimination faced by the ethnic Indian community in Malaysia had sparked an uproar, with India summoning the Malaysian envoy.

The minister dismissed allegations by Hindraf that ethnic Indians were being discriminated against and said those without jobs were "either choosy or lazy." He claimed the outfit had sullied the image of Hindus in the country.

"Discrimination is used to discredit any person or a government. There has been no discrimination," he said.

On the state of Indians in Malaysia, Vellu, also the president of the Malaysia Indian Congress, which is part of the ruling coalition, noted, "I will not say they are 100 per cent on top, but then no one is".

Indians form 7.8 per cent of Malaysia's multi-ethnic population of 27 million people. The rate of unemployment among Indians is 3.1 per cent. "This is not because they don't get a job, but because some are choosy and some are lazy. There are 8,47,900 Indians in the work force," Vellu said.

He said the average income per annum for Indians was 3,215 ringgit (Rs 38,101), while the national figure was 3,022 ringgit (Rs 35,807).

Employment in civil service is 5.12 per cent and according to the Ninth Malaysia development Plan, the Indian representation in civil service was much lower compared to the Indian population ratio. The report said the government wanted to encourage more Malaysian Indians to apply.

Since a majority of the Indians in Malaysia are Tamils, there are a total of 522 Tamil schools across the country.

The minister dismissed allegations that large numbers of Hindu temples were being indiscriminately demolished. "There were 17,760 temples in 1980 and today there are more than 20,000 temples in the country," he said.

He said Hindus who wanted to build temples, had to seek approval. Earlier, when the Indians had arrived in this country 200 years ago, they built temples wherever they worked or lived. Some of the temples today stand in private properties.

"The builders today have to follow local government laws", he said, adding that about 150 small illegally-built temples had been pulled down. He said that land was also allocated to relocate the temples.

Vellu said the demonstration, which had been banned by the government, and its organisers had a 'political motive'. "They (Hindraf) have created a very bad name for the Hindus in this country," he said.

Asked why thousands of people had participated in the demonstration to protest against alleged marginalisation of Indians here, the minister said, "If one million dollars per head is promised, it is easy to get a crowd".

He said the population was not stimulated and it was only a group of people. "There are seven lawyers; they are the organisation. They think they are the government," he said, apparently referring to the Hindraf.

He was confident that the demonstration would have no impact on the elections to be held soon in the country. "We will stimulate our machinery and tell the truth. There should be no misunderstanding among the races here," he said, adding, "Our strength is our unity".

The Malaysian Indian Congress party has 6,40,000 members. The total number of Indians eligible to vote are 8,20,000.

Hindraf has filed a suit against Britain, holding it responsible for their current woes as the country had brought their ancestors to work as indentured labourers to the then Malaya 200 years ago.

***** So you see Samy Vellu is capable of turning any situation to his favour. How do you think that he has maintained his iron-grip on power? If necessary he will even claim that Malaysia embraces ketuanan India!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Semi Value is a curse for the Indian community in Malaysia. The bugger has been using his position to enrich himself and his gang for the past twenty over years .Just look at his bulging tummy......

10:37 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racial Discrimination in Malaysia.

A Case Study:-

Saraswaty A/P Perumal is a roadside hawker, selling coconut flavoured shaved ice locally known as chendol. When she wanted to purchase her first property,a single story link house, she had to pay the full asking price.

Whereas an unnamed "son-of-the-soil" which drives a BMW is able by law under the New Economic Policy to purchase his third property, a RM350,000.00 double storey corner lot with a compulsory 10~20% discount!

The list goes on and on...

Datuk Samy Vellu Sir, pray tell that is NOT discrimination?!?!?


9:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Datuk Samy Vellu Sir,

As a senior cabinet Minister, I am certain that you are familiar with Article 8(2) of our Constitution which states:-

"Except as expressly authorised by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the grounds only of religion, race, descent, place of birth or gender in any law or in the appoinment to any office or employment under a public authority or in the administration of any law relating to the acquisition, holding or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment."

To further quote Zaid Ibrahim (MP Kota Bahru) in his book " In Good Faith" pg.247:-

Preferential v Discriminatory

"Let us take a few examples of policies that are preferential in nature. Some are permissible under the Constitution while others are not.

A policy that mandates a 5 per cent discount for Bumiputra or malay purchasers in a housing scheme is discriminatory and it is not within the remit of Article 153. So is the policy that requires 51 per cent equity stake to be held by Bumiputra or Malay law firms before they are eligible to carry out work for a bank. Requirements that companies must have 100 per cent shares held by Bumiputra or Malays, before they are eligible to bid for government contracts, is also discriminatory and illegal.

On the other hand, the quota concerning the recruitment of Bumiputra into the civil service is permitted under Article 153. However, if the Malays already make up 85 per cent of the civil service, the present quota becomes untenable and unreasonable.

It is permissible, for the purposes of bringing more Malays into the service, to have lower admission criteria for them but it becomes discriminatory when only Malays can be promoted or hold certain positions. This sort of practice is precisely what Article 153(5) sought to avoid. To permit this to happen is to allow for what is known as "reverse discrimination": not providing access to equal opportunities for others. There cannot be blanket discrimination which is founded on unreasonableness."

Datuk Samy Vellu Sir, do you see the light?


10:04 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Samy baby, UMNO loves you!! Mmmuah!! UMNO will sink and swim with u and make U the prexy of MIC forever!! Way to go.


6:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

true, there is no discrimination for the indians. oops, its indian, singular ok. thats for samy vellu. otherwise, how can his family afford the life's luxuries.

2:32 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Billy said...

How can Samy says that there is no discrimination when the former PM Mahathir openly stated that there was discrimination towards the non-Malays (especially the Chinese) just before he left centre stage.

5:35 PM GMT+8  

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