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IGP Lies Through His Teeth About Hindraf

The IGP perhaps to repay the kindness shown by the government in granting him an extension of service, gave a remarkably stupid display today of his gratitude to the ruling Umno party. In what was claimed to be a 'startling revelation' he accused the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) of trying to 'solicit help and support from terrorist groups'! His wild claim which has no basis is suspiciously similar to the usual Umno strategy of badly discrediting someone before going in for the kill. This has all the ingredients of a malicious attempt to rubbish Hindraf prior to justifying the use of the ISA to quell genuine calls for justice and fair play. The government is increasingly proving itself to be a fascist one and by indiscriminately misusing the police, the courts and the mainstream media, our pemimpin are doing a good job of it all by themselves. They really don't need Hindraf to bring down their reputation and standing in the world. Our kerajaan has achieved that and more by their blatantly unjust and criminal acts.

According to a Bernama report, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan had reportedly said that Hindraf had made 'false, baseless and slanderous allegations' that the government had marginalised the Indians, had deprived them of their rights in the economic and education fields and positions in the government to the extent that the community was backward even after 50 years of independence.

The Inspector-General of Police said Hindraf had defied the law and went ahead to stage the Nov 25 street protests because its real motive was to create chaos in the federal capital. "But instead they 'twisted' the incident and accused the police of using force on their supporters.

Adding to the demonisation which Hindraf has been subjected to by all and sundry, from mainly within Umno, the IGP even outdid the more rabid among the umnoputeras by making sweeping allegations and innuendo-filled speculative generalisations. He showed clearly that he knew which side of his bread is buttered and had no qualms about exposing his total partiality on the issue.

For him to blame Hindraf for 'twisting' the incidents that took place during the rally
and accusing the police of using force on their supporters is an unbelievable assertion! Unlike the doctored visuals on Malaysian TV, the rest of the world had witnessed unedited videos of the unprovoked brutality displayed by our cops who incidentally were the main culprits who did most of the rioting. This bluff which the IGP is trying to pull on locals is a pathetic attempt to salvage the tarnished reputation of the police while at the same time deviously putting the blame on those who have little avenue to rebut him.

His conscienceless accusations that claims of Indians being marginalised, discriminated against and impoverished by government policies are ' false, baseless and slanderous allegations, ' without doubt or question indicates his lack of integrity and honesty. That such a self-serving statement comes from the nation's top cop is both shameful and an utter disgrace. He has very clearly demonstrated that he is unfit to hold the post of IGP and should instead resign and contest in the coming election as an Umno candidate.

Read of the gross untruth propagated by Musa HERE.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the interview given by Iraq's Minister of Information just before Baghdad got taken over.

12:55 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy Musa speaks more like a politician than a cop.
He has been lying frequently of late, no one will ever again believe anything he says; so henceforth he better just get on with his job as IGP (there is a hell of a lot of real police work to do), and leave the political skulduggery to the slimy, squirming and rotten BN politicians.

1:30 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He will next claim that Hindraf have been conducting terrorist training with the LTTE in Sri Lanka and with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, plus also with the Chechens in Russia!

8:58 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He will next claim that Hindraf have been conducting terrorist training with the LTTE in Sri Lanka and with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, plus also with the Chechens in Russia!

8:59 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Musa,
I was looking up at you all this while. Janganlah cakap macam ahli politik.

IF when HINDRAF wanted to have a peaceful rally, you had given them the permit;

IF you didn't unleash your thugs in blue on the innocent..

HINDRAF would have just make some speech at the British Highcommission, submitted the Memo and would have gone home.

But you thugs in blue was running amok.

Masa BERSIH buat rally hangpah tak pun buat witch hunting. Sekarang Sampai AG pun turun padang.. Is it because in this case in 'only indians'?

You concentratelah on Altantunyia punya case.... itu lagi tinggi profailnya. Anak buah hang sendiri dituduh terlibat.

By the way, dengar dengar ada tiga orang mati semasa HINDRAF punya rally. Itu apa jadi? Takdeke attempted murder case on the BULLIES?

Meluat tengok hangpah semua... brownnosers!

9:02 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kywong said...

The IGP also accused Hindraf of cheating the Indians when they “did not hand in the petition”
In the current trial of the 31 accused, the most inhuman part is that the three accused who are sick are not even spared by the Judge when she ruled the “defence also provided vague descriptions and insufficient evidence of the health conditions’
AFP reported one of them with a “hole in the heart” was there praying at the temple. Another was ranting “his nephew – not joining Hindraf” was also roped in. In one sweep, the police have caught many innocent ones.
For more details & pictures
Go H E R Ebr/>- the hysterical scene after the Judge announcement

10:12 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hindraft is an illegitimate organisation. Therefore, nothing it does or aim to do can be anything legal. When one is not legal, similarly it is OUT LAW.How do you deal with illegalities.
Do justice to this country by enforcing law and order.

10:16 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 10.16

wish they are really enforcing the laws. if they are, why are the crime rates rising so rapidly over the past few years.
have you seen them acting on any police reports lodged against their political masters? have you seen them thmuping their chest like an agitated gorilla and acting with lightning speed at the bidding of their political masters.
yes, the cops are there to phold law and order. btu for now, it is another apparatus of the powers-that-be to perpetuate their power.

1:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous peng said...

anon 1.45
I agree with your views. We are not here to judge whether it is legal of illegal. What we can see is the disparity in the way things are handled. In cases where prominent people are involved, investigations are slip-shod and the trial is tainted with evidence that cannot be accepted in court.Why the efficiency in Hindraf's trial of the 31?

4:55 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IGP should come out with a better excuse than connecting Hindraf with terrorists, he really believes most Malaysians and the world are blinded by the brutality inflicted upon the peaceful protesters that carried only Malaysia flags and the portrait of Ghandi during their civil disobediece march.

12:54 AM GMT+8  

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