Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Delhi's Ongoing Concern On Malaysia

Othman Norlin, acting high commissioner of the Malaysian embassy was called in by the ministry of external affairs to express India’s concerns about the problems of the India origin citizens in that country.

Foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon told reporters on Tuesday that Biren Nanda, joint secretary in the foreign ministry summoned Norlin on Monday to discuss the situation in her country.

Menon said that the ministry told the Malaysian diplomat that there was “widespread concern in India’’ about what was happening in her country.

“We drew the attention of the Malaysian authorities to the feelings here. We were assured by them that they would do everything necessary to deal with the internal issue.’’ Menon, admitted it was an internal issue, as the Indian origin people in Malaysia are citizens of that country.

Officials in South Block admitted that Malaysian government had assured India that it was keen to maintain good relations with New Delhi and would ensure that things were under control.

For India this is a sensitive issue as the dividing line between interference in another country’s domestic affairs and speaking up for people of Indian origin, discriminated against in that country is extremely thin.

When ever foreign government’s have criticized India about the treatment of Muslim minorities, or talked of human rights scene in Kashmir, New Delhi had dubbed it as interference in its internal affairs.

At the same time South Block cannot ignore the popular mood in the country about ill treatment of Indians in Malaysia.

So in a way south Block realises from where Malaysia repeated assertions about the this being an internal problem comes.

The Indian government would ideally not have made a public statement on the issue. In fact, New Delhi had kept a discreet silence all through after the November 25 incident in Kuala Lumpur, but was forced to do so because of strong sentiments expressed in Parliament and the stand taken by UPA coalition partner and Tamil Nadu chief minister K. Karunanidhi. It is now hoping that the crisis would blow over and not affect relations with Malaysia. (DNA)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Delhi pl send ships. Many of us Hindus wish to return to our respective provinces in India. Indian economy will be another rising Asian tiger. We therefore like to be together with you. You will agree Indians can only be better of in India not elwhere.
Hindraf would like to emerge as the new champion for the Hindu course.
The various Indian organisations in this country viz political parties,NGOs, cultural and sports groups, religous groups, social and economic groups who have been functioning since independence have overlooked the interest of MR Uthaya and group.Or pl use your influence to get few senior members of Hindraft appointed as Senators. Samy Velu is not effective in the Malaysian parliament. Pl sir do your utmost best.

6:15 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the government just makes it tougher for both parties. they have charged 31 indian protestors for attempted murder! Can you beat such flagrant abuse of power? and the AG showed his face. Where was him when the UMNO fella was charged with C4ing the mongolian girl? not only he failed to show up, he replace the whole prosecution team with some fellas who are in commercial crime! and this is the same AG who supports the ex-CJ about replacing common laws with islamic laws. what utter rubbish coz this sort of person has no moral grounds to even talk about religion!

7:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an Indian, I believe ethnic Indians in Malaysia, still enjoy more rights than Indian citizens who are living in their own country.

Unlike Malaysia, discrimination against Indian citizens in India have a multitude of factors.

One is religion and the other is the caste factor.

Malaysian Indians are not the original inhabitants of the country, Indian Muslims are from the same racial and ethnic groups as their compatriots. And still they face discrimination in the world’s largest democracy called India. (Ref. Indian Express, The Missing Muslims [])

Let us not forget the fact that, Malaysia’s ethnic Indians are mostly from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, an impoverished land lagging with illiteracy and feudalism followed by Delhi’s north favored rule.

The traditional Hindu caste system compelled caste minorities to move even to Sri Lanka, where they are now in war with their own hosts, Sinhalese.

Do Tamil community in Malaysia want to do the same rebellion to their own host in Malaysia, the Malays?

By falsely claiming of “Ethnic cleansing against Hindus in Malaysia” , HINDRAF officials are working against the interests of India’s peaceful migrant community around the world.

9:37 AM GMT+8  

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