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Palace Building Fraudster Zakaria Mat Deros Still Above The Law

Transparency International Malaysia wants the Anti-Corruption Agency to disclose the results of its investigations on Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros. This follows a Bernama report which quoted Selangor ACA director Mohd Jamidan Abdullah as saying that two of the three cases involving Zakaria were closed for lack of evidence. Transparency president Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said the ACA should disclose how it concluded the cases should be closed. (NST)

The most famous last words in Malaysian style investigations: NFA (No Further Action) or No Evidence/Proof. Needless to say the cops and the ACA don't have to give reasons for the lack of action or the lame and silly conclusions they come to in order to avoid charging a guilty-as-hell corrupt but well connected crook. Yet we the thinking citizens of this once fair land of ours are supposed to unquestioningly believe these government pimps masquerading as investigators of crime. What a sham and yes, a shame too.

The level of deceitfulness in the bringing to book of especially political charlatans in Malaysia has reached unacceptable proportions and no one except the government and the so-called law enforcement agencies are convinced that everything is being done to contain corruption and punish those guilty of practising it. Zakaria is merely an extreme example of the sorry state of investigation and prosecution here; a political highway robber considered as part of a clique of 'titled blue blood' who are above the law and plundering the state as if they were medieval royalty of some distant land.

For all of Pak Lah's well meaning speeches and good intentions of cleaning up the rot we have been saddled with in the name of democracy, precious little has been done or even seen to be done. All we get are sermons and more sermons and excuse upon excuse regarding why some of these crooks still roam free and are apparently above the law.
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Anonymous Azlan said...

It's ridiculous. "No proof"? Does ACA have an explanation or even curious about how

1) his wife bought the state land for so cheap

2) where the hell did he get the money to build the mansion

3) how the hell he was able to escape paying assessment for 10 years, when all the billboards in town trumpet "Elakkan harta anda disita". Why the hell his harta not disita?

BTW, wanted to draw your attention to this if you haven't already noticed. WTF, they are *all* corrupted. Badawi, TDM, Anwar. But at least TDM's KLCC and KLIA does not have falling roofs.

*Anwar Ibrahim involved in World Bank Wolfowitz scandal*

"Over a year later, on October 1, 2006, Anwar Ibrahim, chairman of the Foundation for the Future, wrote Robin Cleveland, a senior Wolfowitz aide at the Bank, and requested the transfer of Riza from the State Department to the Foundation for the Future.

The Anwar letter and other Bank documents related to this transfer did not mention that Anwar is a longtime friend of Wolfowitz. One of Asia's most prominent Muslim politicians, Anwar was a former deputy prime minister of Malaysia."

8:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Azlan said... 20070504/ cm_thenation/3192571

(copy & paste, too long)

8:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does ACA conclude the Zakaria cases should be closed? Simple, he has a datukship and he belongs to BN. Now, if he belonged to PAS or PKR, it would be a different matter altogether

4:23 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Zumim said...

The issue being discussed here is about Zakaria Mat Deros, janganlah melalut kepada cerita Anwar.

9:34 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one set of rules for you and another for them. keep on voting BN for stability and prosperity!
anyway, in name of stability and prosperity, it is alrite for BN politicians to rob us blind.
good luck, malaysia.

1:25 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The obedient mainstream newspapers no longer print this and the established powers want you all to forget this episode. This is history and hopefully washed away in the torrents of the past. Perhaps, some historians with agenda will rewrite with twists and turns, and even glorify it with spice and added salt. Now, you know why Zam wants to control bloggers. Because you keep reminding the public of this local history. You are causing "public uneasiness" of this shameful episode of local governance. Zam has already said of his fear that blogs will be misused by those who have spread slander.

You see there are many powerful warlords out there who can't distinguish the "truth" from lies and slander. They can't tell the difference between their 'toes" and thumbs". You must only report the "good things" even if it is grossly exaggerated or a figment of your imagination as long as it praises the power of corridors. Or praise Zakaria as a hero. It's OK, as long as you keep the government happy. Never mind the integrity and moral principles. All else does not matter.

10:49 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous azlan said...

@ Zumim: I made a *full* comment on the subject. Then made a "BTW" comment.

You, you just came in here to post that? *You* are not on topic. You're not even the blog owner!

1:09 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark my word, Zakaria will be another nail in BNs coffin.

5:33 PM GMT+8  

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