Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Multiculturalism, Malaysia's Strength" Says Ong Ka Ting. But He Won't Dare Say WHO Is Weakening It.

If Ong Ka Ting were to answer that question truthfully his position in the Barisan Nasional would become instantly untenable, because the group primarily responsible for systematically destroying the innate strength of multiculturalism and shredding the multi-racial fabric of this once ethnically harmonious country is none other than the major 'share holder' of the BN itself.

By institutionalizing racist policies and artificially dividing and classifying entire race groups as either haves or have-nots, an irresponsible system devoid of fair play and justice, no other party has damaged multiculturalism more than Ong Ka Ting's tuan2 in the BN. Read of OKT's opinion on the above subject in this Bernama report.
Malaysians have made multiculturalism their strength in forging unity that could ensure Malaysia's continued development, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said today.
"We have attained religious harmony because in the last 50 years since independence, we respect the Federal Constitution that places Islam as the country's official religion while granting religious freedom to the other ethnic groups."

Ong, who is also MCA president, said this in his Wesak Day message. The occasion will be celebrated by Buddhists throughout the country tomorrow. The theme chosen by the Malaysian Buddhist Association for this year's celebration is "Religious Harmony the Basis of National Development. This theme is especially meaningful as we celebrate the nation's 50th anniversary of independence soon," Ong said.
***** So after reading the very optimistic Ong's views what do you have to say? Setuju? Or do you feel that because the Chinese in Ijok proved that the MCA cannot be depended on to deliver the goods on polling day, Ka Ting has no choice but to keep touting a worn out mantra on racial harmony?
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Is there anything to celebrate?

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