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Ong Ka Ting's Attempt To Explain Away Chinese Vote Swing In Ijok

OKT's explanation is reported in the NST today.

1) The swing of some Chinese votes to the opposition in the recent Ijok by-election was due to unhappiness with the service of the previous assemblyman as well as several sensitive national issues, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said. He said the Chinese voters in the constituency had complained that they were unhappy with the service rendered by the Barisan Nasional.

(If this be the real cause, then all is lost for the BN in the next elections in constituencies where chinamen comprise a substantial number of voters. How many areas under BN state assemblymen or members of parliament other than those from MCA and Gerakan are well serviced to the contentment of the Chinese? Such dissatisfaction is common everywhere but how often do voters turn tail?)

2) "There were also some rumblings on national issues," he said. Elaborating on what he meant by "rumblings on national issues", Ong said some voters had expressed unhappiness over statements made by "some leaders" which they considered hurtful. "We got this feedback although we had explained that the implementation of policies is based on collective decision-making with a multiracial perspective and not on certain statements by individuals. "However, they did not accept our explanation," he said without elaborating on the statements.

(If the Chinese in Ijok felt so strongly about it, then I'm sure their country cousins in other places too would have concurred and swung their votes to the opposition in earlier by-elections. But that didn't happen in Machap did it? Perhaps if a non-Chinese had stood there for the BN they would have defected to the opposition without any qualms to protest their 'hurt feelings'. At the end of the day it still comes down to race in the pitiful state of politics prevailing in Malaysia.)

But I must commend Ong Ka Ting for openly accepting that the Chinese had not heeded the MCA this time around when he said that he did not deny that there was increased Chinese support for the opposition compared with the previous election. "There is a sign of some swing in Chinese votes from the BN to the opposition. This is something we cannot deny. Compared with the 2004 general election, there is some change of mood. To what extent, we can’t draw the percentage yet," he added. His statement, "we will work hard and go down to the ground to get their feedback," speaks well of his positive attitude and determination.

In my opinion, of all the component political parties in the BN, the MCA is by far the most efficient and effective in servicing the residents in their constituencies.
The others including Umno and MIC should learn and emulate them. We need more Michael Chongs in the Barisan Nasional.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ong Ka Ting will always defend his boss UMNO. So will his brother Sec-gen who got the cheek to say that there was no swing in Chinese votes

1:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets think about OKT analysis for a while

1) If voters were unhappy with service of Sivalingam, K. Parthiban with his strong personal relationship with Chinese should have managed to turn the sentiment.

2) If they were 'unhappy with certain statement' and MCA/Gerakan could not persuade them otherwise, it means they are not willing to accept MCA/Gerakan in lieu of the original perpertrator i.e., there is really nothing they can do about it. All they can try is win back votes with other issues.

Also Micheal Chong who have helped a number of people in IJOK, campaign hard and still not good enough. What does that tell you?

The eunuchs are in trouble...

2:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous sam said...

I think you got it wrong in Machap. When it comes to politics, the presence of a local strongman is also very important. The deceased ADUN for Machap was definitely a strongman in that area, and it is very hard to dislodge a strongman. As opposed to Ijok where there was no strongman, so the Chinese voted against BN. Even so, in Machap the opposition made gains among the Chinese compared to 2004. Or a better example would be Sarawak where SUPP (the MCA of Sarawak) lost half its contested seats but still retained key seats in Miri (albeit with reduced votes) because Miri is the well know stronghold of Peter Chin and Chan Ho Nam. It is not that easy to dislodge strongman's among Chinese irrespective of political party. I guess this is kind of a clan thing.

I cannot understand why a lot of bloggers always single out the Chinese. We have suffered May 13 and 1987/1988 crisis, therefore we are obviously more careful in politics. Compared with the Malays who the majority want to rely on a crutch/drug forever. Or the Indians, easily taken in by bribes and promises to the detriment of longterm development. The Chinese has always been pragmatic, and we will show the BN who's boss next time around. Mark my words.

4:15 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politics is always local, so said the American public. If the local is a strong service man, it makes a difference. But the political landscape is complex. Those voters who are comfortable and having no "bread and butter" issues to grind will always consider "national issues". National issues are manufactured by the national government, and voters can become the conscience of the nation. In fact, everybody should. But in Machap case, there was a strongman and given underhanded tactics, boost the BN chance of winning. In Ijok, many are working in urban areas and rightly so, they voted against the BN because of their conscience. And Michael Chong's image is not so "holy" as before. Ask around those who had sought his help. There are dozens and dozens of public complaints against him. So please, don't make him a role model. The truth will see the light of the day as it says, what goes around comes around. The truth will surface one day.

2:14 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing to explain. Ong Kah Ting's publicity boys churned out statements and judging by the propaganda in Ijok, those "hurtful statements" by "certain leaders" are non-existent just like his brother, the Sec-Gen said, "there is no swing in Chinese votes." Semuanya-OK!! It's only a figment of the public's imagination. Yes, Chinese votes are solid behind the MCA. No worries! UMNO leaders can continue to marginalize the Chinese and Indians, no problem. MCA leaders at the end of the day will always be "gutless" to speak the truth. How to explain, the MCA president dare not enough say it's UMNO leaders. Can you imagine what political courage in the minority parties!! And to top it all the JOKE, the Pm wants the minority parties to find out why the Chinese votes swing!! This is really laugable!! Ha, ha.....

4:44 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong adjectives Ong Kah Ting used, "rumblings" and "swing". The appropriate word to use at the next general election will be "tsunami swing" of Chinese votes in urban seats. Yes, tsunami is the right word.

4:49 PM GMT+8  

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