Thursday, May 03, 2007

MCA Man Wants Action On Racist Remarks Made In Ijok. What About Racist Talk At Umno General Assembly?

Selangor MCA secretary Datuk Ch’ng Toh Eng has called on the Election Commission to act against Opposition leaders who made racist remarks during campaigning for the Ijok by-election. He said some of the remarks were very damaging, which could have led to trouble. He said some of the Opposition speakers even claimed that Ijok stood for “Ikut Jagaan Orang Kafir” (following non-believers). (TheStar)

Do you believe that this guy is serious? That he is actually perturbed words life kafir were used and 'racist remarks' were made? We're talking political thick skin here. People like Ch'ng don't care if you curse in the most foul 4-letter word you can think of as long as they achieve their self-serving objectives. The trouble is that the MCA got whupped in style at Ijok. And who do you think ends up getting the flak from the bigwigs at party HQ? Good old uncle Ch'ng of the Selangor MCA!

So how does he go about reducing his beban? Simple. Confuse the issue, point fingers at non-existent causes, scream racism, cry unfair and make every outlandish excuse under the matahari. Who knows? It might work and keep the "resign or be sacked" callers at bay.

If our Selangor MCA man is the type to be so disturbed and annoyed by racist statements, why did he keep silent when worse things were spouted in the name of agama dan bangsa at the previous Umno General Assembly? Even the Prime Minister used the word kafir three times in his address at that very assembly! Where was Ch'ng's vexation then? Is there one rule for Umno sponsored racism and another for the opposition? Or is Ch'ng merely trying to squirm out of a difficult situation by passing the buck and diverting the issue?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

MCA and Gerakan is a parasite party and it has to depend on UMNO shit to survive.

Where Ong Kah Tin has the gut and be a man to Demand UMNO Admit Their Mistakes And Apologise To The Chinese Community?

1:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Malaysian,

You have hit the nail on the "political eunuch's head" when you said Ch'ng Toh Eng should have shouted back at UMNO for its delegates' racist remarks. I and everybody else don't remember Ch'ng having made any responses (not even a squeak) at UMNO during that incident. Semuanya OK. Many in the Chinese community knows by now, the truth of the matter. MCA can bully the "lesser parties" but not UMNO. DAP knows what and how "parasites" behave. MCA can accuse DAP as parasites, but the truth of the matter is for ALL to see. Eunuchs are enunuchs when they are stripped of the hypocrisy and the lies. That's what the MCA leadership are stripped naked. Buit you see, nobody strips them, they are the ones like Ch'ng who stripped themselves for all to see and know now!!

2:02 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Billy said...

The Ijok by-election is over and parties like PKR get on with their lives. One of the best thing they have done was a "thank you" visit to the residents of Ijok by Anwar, Khalid and Ronnie Liew, to thank the voters for their support. So far, PKR's only comment was its regret on the loss of democracy in this country. On the other hand, MCA knew it and everyone knows it, the party is in deep shit and comes the next GE, it will be probably be wiped out from the face of this earth. So what does a person like Ch'ng do - scapegoating! Why point the finger at PAS when they themselves support Mahathir on the Islamic State proclamation? Why turn the fury on PAS when they should have carry out a face-off with UMNO instead when its leaders let out blood curdling calls to kill the Chinese. All they could do was to sit there in resignation. Puhleeez ... the next you open your mouth, Ch'ng, see yourself in the mirror first. You are a traitor to the community, period.

3:30 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ong ka ting will never dare to tell the truth to umno.He is only good at curryfavour umno so as to keep his post as a minister.

4:24 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MCA & to a lesser extend, Gerakan is but a running dog to UMNO.

Throughout history chinese had shown little mercy for running dogs that betray their "thong pau"

Vote BN Not!

4:25 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at today's (May 3 2007) letter to Malaysiakini editor captioned, "Demanding apology from racist minister". A Malaysian public member wrote in to complained against Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Jamaludin Jarjis who during a visit to california was alleged to have made racist remarks against Indians. Dr Sheela Moorthy was the complainant (wrote in the letter). According to her, the Minister made several derogatory remarks about Indians in general, having said how Indians were brought in (to Malaysia, presumably) as "buruh kasar". The UMNO minister was reportedly to have said about "fair-skinned" Indians and "low class Indian with darker skin.

Here you go, an UMNO Minister besides UMNO delegates. Maybe, the Indian votes should also swing to the Opposition next round, eh??

4:28 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Billy said...

To Anonymous: The only time when the Indians would consider voting against the BN and especially good ol' Samy is when:
1. The religioous department comes to shanghai away the dead body of the husband or wife;
2. Their family is torn apart with the wife sent to a rehabilitation camp; and
3. When their temples are demolished indiscriminately by the authorities.

While all these were happening, where was their god, Samy????

5:37 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The MCA leaders don't have the willy to voice out against UMNO. Becauce it simply means U Must Not Object. If you are out of the cabinet. I remember Leow Tiong Lai said before he left for his China trip that he want an explainations and apology from UMNO Youth leaders for the racist comments. But aftyer his return till now (more than 7 months) he is just as quite as the feared mouse....Must Cheat Always.

7:54 PM GMT+8  

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