Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"When tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins," claims an Umno wimp!

Is there no logical limit to the nonsensical blabber allowed even for a fiction reciting gathering like the Umno General Assembly? How else can you account for this poppycock speech by a well known resident wimp of Umno Youth?

First, a totally untalented and intellectually questionable, humble party underling, Ledang Youth chief Mohd Zan Abu, makes a sanguinary statement about defending Malay rights with the usual sub-50 IQ prattle: "We should defend it (Malay rights) to the last drop of our blood!" Will someone show this half twit the way to the nearest blood bank please. At least there he can put his blood to good use instead of engaging in shameless bluffology while at the same time attempting to sacrifice the sanity of some hemophobic Umno pahlawan.

Then came to the speaker's podium the highly ambitious and extremely envious (of KJ) resident wimp of Umno Youth, the effeminately good looking Youth information chief Azimi Daim. With a clueless look and deportment he said that 'he could not understand why component parties were becoming braver in questioning sensitive issues.' Of course what he was implying is that "we've had it our way all these years and now these BN eunuchs have dared to start questioning us and therefore they must be stopped." His was a two-pronged attack. One on the BN upstarts and the other on KJ's father-in-law, the PM for relaxing and easing up on Mahathir's dictatorial muzzling of criticism. Azimi has never forgiven KJ for beating him to the vice-chairman's post which he firmly believes is his by right and was unfairly robbed from him by KJ's machinations.

Therefore this scorned wimp is capable of raising the stakes in this potentially dangerous race baiting game. And sure enough he did with an emotion grabbing, "when tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins!" It is a statement calculated to provoke even the most docile of Malays. In terms of ratings it potentially ranks up there with Khir Toyo's immortal 'Semuanya OK' and Khairy's 'Maruah Bangsa.'

So the sandiwara continues today and let us see what transpires. As far as the PM's address is concerned it was statesmanlike and not really controversial or confrontational. The same however cannot be said about the others who will be speaking later. The riff-raff haven't been heard yet.



Blogger toniXe said...

u mean the blood of Hang Tuah, the Chinese warrior who followed Hang Li Po the princess to Malacca ?

but they shouldn't have femininise kung fu to a dance version called silat !

In the next few days the sandiwaras will be over and we await another scandal to titilate our bored palates, yet again !

5:52 PM GMT+8  
Blogger minuses said...

Know the enemy said Sun Tzu. The fiddler at it:
p.s. Had late lunch at a "halal" Chinese noodles restaurant in Telawi, met two ex-journos, one of them now a free-lance PR consultant, who said she was "so shocked" to hear the PM use the word "kafir" not once, not twice but thrice in his address to the Umno delegates.

6:33 PM GMT+8  
Blogger devonic said...

Can't imagine if a Non-Ma**y party was having it's AGM and said,
"When tension rises,the blood of Ch****se / In***n warriors will run in our veins,"
The thought of Sa*Y Ve*u saying this is already making me into a frenzy state...
Most of the speakers are well aware that, this is the platform and chance for them to show,who is better at provoking the Non-M***y's and self promoting for a better post in the party...
That's why they call the whole BN parties today to attend the President speech rather than having the BN pemuda's together and parading their(Um**Pu**a's) agenda yesterday.
I saw this statement below from a very intresting blog and ponder upon it....
' A leader of the In***n party response,to the about same situation earlier...
"Kami sebagai rakan dlm B*,akan sentiasa menyokong tindakan YAB PM.Kami memang tiada pendirian sendiri dari segi itu,jadi kami akan menyokong tindakan ini yg akan memajukan kaum In*** di Malaysia."
On response how the YAB PM will help the In*** community,this is what the community leader had to say..
"itu saya belum fikir,YAB PM tidak akan membuat keputusan salah..."

If this is the mentality of our community leader,that's why, all the tom,dick and harry at the assembly,can just blabber their threats to other communities...What a shame...

6:50 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Robin Goodfellow said...

Ignore the Oxfart Mamak Khairy. He is in the same league with Dr. M. If he and Dr. M had had any original ideas for the uplifting of Malays, like say Grameen Bank, we would have heard about it a long time ago. Apparently if a GP failed to do much even after 22 years, I sincerely doubt Mamak Khairy has anything to add; except for thoughts of Ali Baba and exproprations of Non-Malay assets. Preferably diverted to his own pockets, of course.

Even if a Non-Malay came up with a good and original idea to help the Malays and other Bumis, chances are the Umnoputeras led by Cicit Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his two Mamak deputies would have hijacked it long ago in order to claim credit for it. Even then, chances are they will end up screwing it up badly and we would all still come back to the starting point. Apparently, the stupidity of the Umnoputeras is only matched by their greed for wealth and power.

I also would like to point out to the Batak, Semai, Iban, Kadazandusun, Dayak, Temiar etc that Cicit Mustafa Kemal Ataturk @ UMNO Youth Head has openly stated and admitted to the term UMNOPUTERA. So, in another words, you Non-Muslim Non-Malay Bumiputeras are being used by the UMNOPUTERAs to enrich themselves while leaving you only crumbs on the table. Think about it before you all go about defending the Bumiputera term, used as a refuge against criticisms ans scrutiny, as defined by the UMNOPUTERAs.

The UMNOPUTERAs should worry more about how many artillery shells can land per square feet on teeny, eensy, weensy Pulau Layang-Layang. Hell, they might even have to choose to either sing Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue OR The East Is Red.

7:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This regular wayang is getting irritating. The one big thing it achieves is to remind the rest of the citizenry that they are 3rd class citizens in their country of birth and will continue to be just that well past Y2020.

3rd class? yes, 1st UMNOputra, 2nd remaing bumiputra, 3rd class the rest .

8:28 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is in response to Robin Goodfellow's comment: Your last name does not reflect your self obviously. Not interms of who you were talking about but rather the racial slur that you used to describe the people you were talking about. Perhaps there are no difference between the two sides after all.

11:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regardless of how disturbing the remarks and speeches are, the lack of opposition and criticism against them by the "moderate" majority is far more disturbing. It can only mean that either they completely agree with it or at least find it reasonably acceptable. Please prove me wrong.

11:58 PM GMT+8  
Blogger toniXe said...

Its more correct to say we are not bothered because life goes on.

Also bcoz v r bc eating n drinking.

9:01 AM GMT+8  
Blogger O2Deprivation said...

Malay warrior??!!? They are still living in the stone age, no wonder Malaysia is on the reverse gear. Now is the nuclear era, and even Iran and North korea has more brains that UMNO speakers.

9:47 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon MCA, MIC, Gerakan,...., u shld be ashame of who u r associating with, to UMNO,u r sitting ducks. U r sleeping with an enemy, wake up!!

12:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The damned umno adults already have no brains, of course their crutch borned children are evn more spastic...only can think what the country can give them, owe to them, i dont think they know the concept of real work, not a puppet sit in big ofice and wear nice suits monkeys that they and their fathers are and will ever be.
All these m@#@#@ f@#@$% are just nothing but highclass beggars on the street waiting for handouts by the people who really slog to work in this world. I feel ashame Malaysia had to have such a phatetic race as a component of the country. UMNO beggars, even the dogs work harder than them. When can they face the mirror and said that they made what they have. Shame on Malays who still think they need a NEP crutch to get on in life. In heaven's eyes, nobody owe anybody a living, everyone is equal. So why the heck are malays insisting they are special? Lets move on in a democratic fashion like the rest of the world. Everyone is equal. One Malaysia, One Malaysian.
And pls stop using religion of Islam to have self righteousness, its been over use and abuse by the damn middle eastern folks like Osama. You are not middle eastern, pls dont forget your root as asian melayu, ( roaming sea farer) . Funny how malays can even trade their sarongs for power, money, no self respect but just waiting for handouts and resorting to robbing like a thief.

6:11 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Wan Solehah al-Halbani said...



Para pemimpin UMNO yang terdiri daripada ahli-ahli PARLIMEN dan DUN adalah orang-orang KAFIR kerana :

1. Mereka ini adalah Tuhan-tuhan MANUSIA atau TAGHUT yang berkuasa dan berdaulat untuk memerintah ke atas seluruh umat manusia;

2. Mereka ini adalah Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang kafir kerana mereka adalah berkuasa dan berdaulat untuk membuat undang-undang manusia untuk manusia;

3. Mereka ini adalah Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang kafir kerana mereka adalah berkuasa dan berdaulat untuk menjalan dan menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia ke atas manusia;

4. Mereka ini adalah Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang kafir kerana mereka adalah Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang disembah oleh manusia apabila seluruh umat manusia mentaati dan mematuhi undang-undang yang dibuat oleh mereka (Tuhan-tuhan Manusia) ini.

Seluruh penyokong UMNO yang menjadi rakyat yang diperintah ini adalah orang-orang KAFIR kerana :

1. Mereka menyetujui dan meredhai para pemimpin mereka yang kafir ini;

2. Mereka melantik para pemimpin UMNO ini sebagai Tuhan-tuhan yang berkuasa dan berdaulat untuk memerintah ke atas kita;

3. Mereka menjadi para hamba kepada Tuhan-tuhan Manusia ini kerana mereka berada di bawah kuat kuasa undang-undang manusia;

4. Mereka adalah para PENYEMBAH yang menyembah Tuhan-tuhan manusia ini apabila mereka mentaati dan mematuhi undang-undang yang dibuat oleh Tuhan-tuhan Manusia ini.

Negara Malaysia kita ini adalah negara yang syirik dan kufur kerana ia mengamal, mengimani dan menganuti agama demokrasi yang syirik dan kufur .

Jihad dan Perang untuk menghapuskan kerajaan demokrasi :

Firman Allah :al-Baqarah 251
Sekiranya Allah tidak menahan segolongan manusia dengan segolongan yang lain nescaya rosak binasalah bumi ini.

Firman Allah : al-Hajj 40
Sekiranya Allah tidak menjatuhkan segolongan manusia dengan segolongan yang lain, nescaya runtuhlah tempat-tempat pertapaan serta gereja-gereja, dan sinagog-sinagog dan juga masjid-masjid yang sentiasa disebut nama Allah dengan banyak padanya.

Islam BERHAK untuk melancarkan Jihad dan Perang dalam bentuk yang OFENSIF ke atas sesuatu Negara Bangsa atau Kerajaan Demokrasi, atau ke atas mana-mana Kerajaan Manusia sekalipun tanpa terlebih dahulu ianya diserang, diperangi, dizalimi dan diancam oleh mana-mana negara atau kerajaan-kerajaan tersebut.

Firman Allah: al-Baqarah 193
Dan berperanglah sehingga tiada lagi fitnah (penindasan) dan jadilah agama untuk Allah.

Selagi “fitnah” itu wujud, selama itulah Jihad dan Perang dikehendaki dan diperintahkan Allah untuk dilancarkan sehingga fitnah itu, iaitu kerajaan dan otoriti demokrasi itu, mengalami kehancuran; dan "jadilah agama untuk Allah", iaitu sehingga Islam sahaja yang berkuasa dan memerintah ke atas seluruh ideologi dan pemikiran yang lain dan ke atas seluruh umat manusia di bumi, baik ke atas umat Islam mahupun bukan Islam.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Wan Solehah al-Halbani

5:18 PM GMT+8  

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