Sunday, September 03, 2006

Overcome Weaknesses In Government-Linked Companies Says Gerakan.

Gerakan wants the government to continue enhancing government-linked companies (GLCs), especially in terms of competitiveness and corporate governance.

In one of the seven resolutions passed at the 35th Gerakan Annual Delegates Conference here, the party said there were weaknesses and inadequacies in the delivery systems among the GLCs and this needs to be overcome.

"The National Integrity Plan should be the catalyst and mechanism to promote good governance, accountability, ethical practices and transparency in the public delivery systems. Gerakan calls upon the government to carry out further reform of the GLCs so as to enhance their level of competitiveness and corporate governance.

"We also urge the government to continue with greater vigour its campaign to promote accountability and integrity in all areas of government delivery systems and to combat corruption," said the resolution which was passed after a debate.

In another resolution, the party accepted the "supremacy" of the Federal Constitution and reaffirmed the party constitution, calling on its members to honour and uphold the Constitution of Malaysia and to sustain the tenets of the Rukunegara.

"Believing that all Malaysians, regardless of their racial, religious, gender or cultural backgrounds, are entitled to equal protection under the Federal Constitution, we call upon party members to continue to defend the Federal Constitution as the supreme law of the country and to promote and defend the fundamental liberties and rights enshrined in it," the resolution said.

The party called on Malaysians to promote and defend the spirit of Merdeka and party members to celebrate next year's 50th Merdeka Day at all levels by carrying out programmes, projects and other activities throughout the country to reignite and rekindle the spirit of Merdeka. Gerakan also wanted Malaysians to strengthen national unity by appreciating and respecting each other's similarities and diversity and to adopt greater flexibility, openness in mindset and stronger mutual respect for each other.

The party requested the government to implement the 9th Malaysia Plan and the Third Industrial Master Plan efficiently, speedily and equitably and to give emphasis to Research and Development (R & D) and human resource training which will instill the spirit of competency and a competitive culture.

"We urge the government and the private sector to practise and promote the principles of meritocracy so that our country will develop a 'first class mentality' to face the challenges of globalisation."

The other resolutions touched on reaffirming support for the government's effort to bring peace to West Asia and the agenda of reformation of the United Nations.

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Blogger toniXe said...

if i didn't checked the dates, i would have thought these resolutions were rambled in the 70s or 80s !

politicians are , well politicians

12:38 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Unfortunately you are right toniXe. The resolutions passed by every political party both BN and opposition have been sort of 'fossilised'. It merely shows that the shortcomings and the grievances from that time have yet to be satistactorily resolved even to this date. It indeed makes sad commentary about the way we have handled and resolved issues and problems. Stagnation is a word that comes to mind.

12:52 PM GMT+8  

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