Saturday, September 02, 2006

Khairy Jamaluddin's Antics. Is Hishamuddin Shifting To Reverse Gear?

A statement by Hishamuddin Tun Hussein which I read in the Star came as a bit of a surprise. In clear terms he said that young leaders who make racial and religious statements to be popular with a particular community will not go far in a multiracial and multicultural Malaysia. This is probably the most sensible thing that he has said in quite a while. Now who the devil could he have had in mind when he said that? Before we get into that let us read his speech in its entirety...

...Anyone could make popular statements to gain popularity from a particular race or to gain support from their delegates, but their popularity would be short-lived, he said. “They must be far-sighted because when it is time for them to be selected as ministers or party presidents, they must not only be smart, they have to be wise too,” he said. He noted that the top leadership was mature enough to know who was sincere, honest and had held to the Barisan principle of multiracialism.

“The top leadership will not forget – and in a multiracial Malaysia the people will also not forget – those who have taken advantage to be popular for short-term gains,” he said. Hishammuddin, who is also Education Minister, said the top leadership would not select those who fought for only one race. “Their future will be tainted, and that applies to all young leaders who have aspirations to be national leaders,” he said.

Well well. Looks like Hishamuddin has finally seen the light. Or else he has decided that discretion is the better part of valour and has therefore reversed gear in the hope that he too will not be painted with the 'short-term gain young leader' brush. And what of young Khairy and his ill-thought statements which brought about so much consternation? Hishammuddin said: “When the temperature lowers, it is incumbent for my deputy to explain the misunderstanding.” No one should exploit or gain from cheap publicity, he added.

So like Pontius Pilate, Hishamuddin has probably decided to wash his hands of Khairy's stumbles and bungles. The Hishamuddin limousine has been engaged to reverse gear, but it has not started to move back yet. Whether it does or when that will be, depends on the political developments over the next few months. Rest assure, the decision when it is taken will be well thought out and pragmatic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very interesting point that you have raised. It may well come true. Actually Datuk Hishamuddin is a very clever fellow. He knows how to move with the tide and it is no surprise if he ditches Khairy. That is politics.

12:28 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous berasbasah said...

Orang politik tak harus dipercayai dari segi kejujuran. Semua mengikut penting diri mereka. Ini adalah satu cerita berterusan.

2:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Hisham guy is doing damage control. He only has a dead grandpa and father to boast about but that Khairy kid has a live and kicking father-in-law. So, he has to wipe the deputy off, eh?

4:01 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

anonymous 1, totally agree with you about Hishamuddin's political savvy.
berasbasah, honesty and integrity were never a politician's strong points.
anonymous 2,at this point in time your deduction is correct.However things have a way of changing suddenly in the real world of politics.

10:37 AM GMT+8  

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