Monday, September 11, 2006

'Killjoy' Chan Kong Choy Spoils Traffic Offenders' Mood!

The maximum RM300 compound for five traffic offences that threaten the safety of road users will not be reduced. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said the government has agreed to maintain the maximum rate for exceeding the speed limit, queue jumping, beating red light, abusing the emergency lane and overtaking at double lines.

"We want to get the right message across to road users," he told reporters at his office after chairing a meeting to coordinate the compound rates for traffic offences.

The meeting, attended by officials of the police, Road Transport Department (RTD) and Internal Security Ministry, was held following a Cabinet directive to look into the matter after the Transport Ministry objected to police introducing steep discounts of up to 70 per cent for traffic compounds.

As for the other traffic offences, Chan said the ministry would await a report from the police and the RTD before presenting its proposals to the Cabinet.

Inspector General of Police-designate Tan Sri Musa Hassan, when met by reporters after the meeting, said the coordination of the compound rates would be based on ensuring safety of road users. He said the move would not affect the police's collection of compound payments from traffic offenders. Asked why the police did not consult the Transport Ministry before announcing the reduction in its compounds last week, Musa said: "The intention was good but the implementation was not right."

The police had offered the discounted rates for traffic offences to encourage more people to pay their compound, but the offer was withdrawn after the Transport Ministry said it feared the move might send the wrong signal to road users.

RTD Director-General Datuk Emran Kadir said coordination of the compound rates would not involve amendments to the law.


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