Monday, September 11, 2006

Kubang Pasu. A Tainted Victory?

Two days after the loss in the contest to become a delegate of the Kubang Pasu Umno division to the party's general assembly, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he accepted his defeat but quickly added that it was due to bribery among the delegates.

"Of course I have to accept, if I say I don't accept it, does it mean that it will be rendered null and void?". Everybody has been asked to accept the result. But I believe my defeat was due to bribery among the delegates," he told reporter.

To substantiate his allegation of bribery, Dr Mahathir said a brown envelope containing the numbers of those who should be chosen was provided to a number of delegates and the people who won were the people in the list.

Dr Mahathir said the delegates were given a brown envelope containing the list of the representatives that should be chosen together with "some amount of money". "The list I believe was put in the envelope together with RM200. So, the price of honour of these delegates is RM200 and for RM200 they are quite prepared not to choose me but to choose other people.

"This is the kind of election that we see and it is going to be pervasive and these people will use everything to win elections. I accept that I lost but I also want to state that I lost because people used bribery in order to win elections," he said.

During Saturday's election, the former prime minister emerged ninth in the list of 15 aspirants but his son Datuk Mukhriz, was elected as one of the seven delegates to the assembly.

**** That's a very serious indictment by the former PM and if the Umno leadership is 'unaware' of the alleged bribery, it is incumbent upon them to thoroughly investigate the matter. If they believe in the highest sense of fairplay, then they should declare the election results invalid and call for a re-election under greater scrutiny to prevent any attempts to bribe delegates.

I know that this will not happen for the simple reason that any approval to prevent Mahathir from attending the general assembly must have come from very high up in the party heirarchy. To ask them now to investigate themselves is pointless. But the shameless and greedy delegates who sold their souls for peanuts must be harshly condemned and it would not be wrong to say that these are the people who would lead to the downfall of Umno if they are moved up any higher in the party.

This Kubang Pasu episode is yet another black mark in Umno's report card of the current leadership.

***** Latest report from Reuters which may or may not see the light of day in our mainstream newspapers: Malaysia ex-PM Mahathir calls on successor to quit


Blogger shanghaistephen said...

RM 200.00 for a vote, RM100.00 to bring in any illegal stuff at immigration, RM100.00 if stopped by police for not having passports on illegal foreigners,RM 50.00 for drink driving, talking on cellphone or not having a drivers license, RM 30.00 for not wearing a safety belt and RM 10.00 if you say that is all you have in your wallet! OF COURSE mah..GOT NO PROOF lah ! BUT tell me something Malaysian, have you not been prepositioned in this situation before ? Still NO PROOF for evidence...soooo... SEMUA BOLEH !!

Shame on them least we now know the price of an UMNO member !

8:35 AM GMT+8  
Blogger toniXe said...

looks like they r really afraid of what dear old man ( M ) has to say at the Assembly ! This in itself circimstantially proves that there is ( are ) many things wrong with the present administration and there is severe lack of democraic practises in our Motherland, even a basic right to express oneself !

Bribery allegations r nothing new in UMNO, so much for a party that calls itself a party of Allah .....

9:16 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Shame on them least we now know the price of an UMNO member !"


That cheap, uh?

Hmmm, they are real cheapos!!

Like they say, money is the root of all evil.

And, this is gonna be the begininng of downfall of Umno.

Kerana wang, semua boleh!!



10:07 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

shanghaistephen, yes it is a shame. We know it but does it matter to them?
tonixe, whatever it is that Dr M wanted to say at the assembly I'm sure he'll tell the whole world now.
anonymous, Hani? money makes the world go round and our Umno members are living proof of that.

11:50 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Lojintu said...

Well, well, well... Looks like the good Dr. M is getting a taste of his own medicine. Nowhere in Malaysia has money politics been more obvious than in Sabah and UMNO takes the cake if there is a contest for the top position. And Mahathir who now appears so pious was the king pin. The Bible says you reap what you sow!

9:28 PM GMT+8  

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