Monday, July 31, 2006

Don't Wallow In Self-pity, PM Tells Malays.

In echoes of Dr Mahathir's regular admonishment to his intended but not necessarily appreciative audience, the Prime Minister told the Malays to refrain from wallowing in self-pity any more and take advantage of the opportunities to progress.

Attitudes such as indulging in self-pity, subjecting oneself to grief and isolating oneself from development would only cause the Malays to be left out of development, he said.

"We have to migrate from a less favourable situation to a more favourable one, from a depressive state of mind to one that sees the opportunities that abound," he said at the presentation of offer letters for lease of affordable apartments in Pulau Duyong, Kuala Terengganu.

How much difference this advice is going to make, is debatable. When things appear to be given on a silver platter to some 'favoured' Malays, it is hard for the 'not-so-fortunate' ones not to feel depressed. Whether this is a feeling of hopelessness, wallowing in self-pity or merely dengki, is anybody's guess. When birds of a feather can't flock together, with some flying high in style while the rest look upwards in unconcealed envy at the chosen few, the reactions that can be reasonably expected are either a renewed determination to give your best to succeed or disintegrate in anger, jealousy, despondency or sorrow.

I think the PM grasps this, and therefore his heartfelt and genuine advice and counsel on the matter.


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