Sunday, July 30, 2006

RTM Will Continue Airing Israeli Atrocities

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) will continue broadcasting reports of Israeli atrocities in Lebanon and Palestine, Deputy Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid said Saturday.

If the Malaysian Defence Forces were to be involved in peacekeeping duties in Lebanon, RTM would embed its personnel(??) so that Malaysians got a clear picture of the human suffering in Lebanon as a result of the Israeli action, he said.

"The government has no other motives in broadcasting the reports but to explain to the people the importance of unity to prevent outside elements from threatening the peace and sovereignty of our country," he said.

**** RTM covering the Lebanon situation is one thing, but to get carried away and talk about embedding RTM staff there is entirely laughable. Of course I suppose when such an event is so remote, one can talk and talk without the accompanying walk!

No right thinking leader is going to send in our military there to get slaughtered. So our local pahlawans at RTM can claim anything they want. In the unlikely event our troops are sent there, I can bet my last one sen coin that not one RTM personnel will volunteer to be embedded. If it is a conference on 'live coverage of the Israeli incursion' or any such similar gathering, say at Geneva or Monaco, our RTM folks would be falling over each other to go. But, "kami ada keluarga juga brudder" would be their refrain when regretfully declining to be embedded in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan or any such hellhole.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we have enough of jew demonising over our local networks presently, so there is no need to sow more prejudice.
My daughters came back from school the other days and cursed Israeli and jews. When I asked why and do you know who they are they replied her schoolmates hated the jews and talked about killing children and women and destroying property. While I agreed some of it is true, I told her the Israelis warn the local population before they send the bombs unlike suicide bombers who target anyone at any opportune time.
Time for balanced reporting.

9:26 AM GMT+8  
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