Monday, July 31, 2006

Malaysia's Goebbels Speaketh.

The Government must control the Internet and websites to curb the spread of rumours and news that can harm racial unity in the country, Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said. He said he agreed with Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow that stern warning must be issued and action taken against rumour-mongers for causing problems to the extent of disturbing public order.

The control was not to muzzle press freedom(???) but to stop the spread of news based on rumours, and articles and features with racial undertones, he said.

"In one aspect, the control of media content will boost the credibility of a website as the people will know the news published is accurate and no longer based on rumours."

Zainuddin said so long as the mainstream media was not involved in publishing rumours and articles that were seditious in nature, the people would not be influenced or take seriously what was posted on the Internet.

He slammed the media for often publishing crime stories as important news with sensational reports merely to sell the newspapers or to boost viewers' rating for a particular television programme. "If we do so, we are indirectly portraying a picture that our country is not safe, with a high crime rate and this will bring adverse effects to our economy and tarnish the image of our country.

"At one time, news on murders and recovery of bodies were rarely published with gruesome pictures, but nowadays some newspapers are boldly printing such photographs without realising it is against journalism ethics," he said.

What does this intolerant man want the media to publish? If he had his way the only news you'll get will be a daily rehashed version of BN manifestos. He should know that the days of nazi propaganda are OVER

If with the little power he enjoys today he can be so openly abrasive and demanding, imagine if Zam were to become the Prime Minister! God bless us all. The government is strongly urged not give in to the silly and outdated demands of a man who is not only out of touch with the times but perhaps with reality as well.

I know this good Psychiatrist......


Anonymous Singh said...

What can we expect ? The former PM was his hero. Remember the book Pejuang tak diiktiraf or something like that that he published. Correct me if I am wrong.

8:20 AM GMT+8  
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