Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dr Mahathir: I Am Not Making A Comeback.

In his most precise clarification to date, former PM Dr Mahathir has said in no uncertain terms that he is not making a comeback. He dismissed allegations by certain quarters that his open criticism of the government was driven by his ambition to return as prime minister.

"I don't want to come back as prime minister. I have had enough, 22 years as prime minister is longer than anybody else," he said. Actually it does not take a genius to know exactly what he means, and that his statement is on balance, the truth. If at all the problem is that our government is intolerant of criticism, even it be from one as high-ranking as Dr Mahathir. Ironically it was the former PM himself who almost single-handedly institutionalised government intolerance during his rule. He is now reaping what he so avidly sowed.

Asked whether his open criticism of the government could jeopardise Umno's unity, Dr Mahathir said the question did not arise as the matter (criticising the government) was not unusual for the party. He said he was not concerned over the matter as ultimately, Umno members would give their support to those who fought for Umno, the Malays and Islam.

He said he was not concerned whether or not his contributions were appreciated as what was important was Umno, the Malays and the nation were not destroyed. Dr Mahathir said he had worked hard for the country and had the duty to explain to the people on "what is good and bad" for Malaysia.

So as you can see the man has taken it upon himself to 'explain to the people', implying perhaps that it is his duty to 'expose those who are the cause of his unhappiness'. I for one, don't see him backing down any time soon without serious concessions by the government. If at all, the unfortunate 'pepper spray incident' at Kelantan would have definitely increased his almost legendary resolve a notch higher.

Be prepared for more 'high drama' in the very near future.


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