Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sorry Mrs. Blair. Come As A Tourist Soon.

That's probably what the Appellate and Special Powers division of the High Court told the QC wife of Tony Blair; sorry ma'am but you have failed in your application to appear as an advocate and solicitor at the Federal Court in the Metramac case. Come as a tourist and have a good time.

English barrister Cherie Blair’s application to represent construction company Fawziah Holdings at the Federal Court to defend its RM65 million judgment obtained against toll concessionaire Metramac Holdings Sdn Bhd was rejected by Judge Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim who said that although Blair is an eminent Queen’s Counsel, she has no special qualifications to argue on judicial bias before the federal court. Period.

With that I hope we won't get sidetracked and get back to the main issue at hand which is whether Daim Zainuddin enriched himself and a couple of his cronies while he was the minister of finance and whether a judge of the Court of Appeal was within his right to make that damning observation of Daim. One of three issues to be argued before the Federal Court will be whether the Court of Appeal's adverse remarks/findings show a real danger of bias in the judgement arrived at against Metramac.

The application is being opposed by Metramac, the two interveners Tun Daim Zainuddin and Tan Sri Halim Saad, the Attorney-General Chambers (AG Chambers) and the Bar Council.

More updates on this as we receive the news.


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