Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Do You Believe This Assurance?

Future national service programmes will be incident-free. There will be no more rapes, assaults and fights. That is the assurance given by National Service Training Department director-general Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid.

What do you think the parents of a teenage girl will think on reading this? No more rapes, assaults and fights! And an assurance from the DG. 'What the hell have you people been doing till now', will be the first thought. 'Can we trust this kind of assurance', will be the next.

What does the DG base his assurance on? He said new measures – including isolating hot-tempered trainees and zero body contact between males and females – would be put in place to prevent untoward incidents.

A “room leader” would be appointed to monitor the safety and security of trainees in their respective dormitories. These leaders would be tasked with informing the trainers of any quarrels or fights among trainees. Trainees who are prone to fighting will be isolated until they are willing to adhere to the rules and regulations of the national service. “Female trainees will not be grouped together with the male trainees during physical training sessions,” he added.

**** If these are the 'new measures' then tell us what the 'old measures' are please. These so-called new measures must have been the very least of the precautions that should have been taken from the very first NS camp! Because of your kecuaian in not implementing this earlier, did all that raping, fighting and assaults take place. Get that straight first.

You also said and I quote, “We also guarantee that female trainees will be safe with the male trainers.” How in God's name are you so 'cocksure' that the lasses will be safe from randy trainers? Are you and your senior officers going to be stationed there 24/7 with a rifle and RELA licence in hand? Have the trainers undergone some sort of mass sterilisation, libido-reduction kursus or have you recruited only gay trainers? If not, on what basis are you vouching for the control they have over their sexual appetites?

Dear DG, please remember two things before making public announcements of this nature in the future.

Firstly have an ironclad basis for whatever you may pronounce in public eg. this assurance. Only then will the thinking public not question you or your fitness to hold the post of DG of The National Service Training Department.

You also said that on compulsory shooting practice for the trainees, "the use of firearms was aimed at building confidence, patriotism and courage". Which brings me to my second point - don't simply say things for the sake of saying them. How tell me does use of firearms build patriotism?


Blogger prl said...

If it happens again, inspite of the "assurance" the DG will only say "sorry" as if that is sufficient for the pain etc., caused. There is no proper planning and bad selection of supervisors. This is standard procedure by the government.

5:22 PM GMT+8  
Blogger prl said...

"How, tell me does use of firearms build patriotism?"

Good point! It shows the muddled thinking of the DG. He is not the only one. Most of the government ministers are of the same standard.

They cannot see the illogical nonsense they speak! How can they expect respect form even a child with such nonsense.

5:28 PM GMT+8  

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