Monday, September 22, 2008

Umno Faces Oblivion Without Reform, Says Muhyiddin. Very True. Will He Resign & Set A Good Example?

A top Malaysian minister warned Monday that the ruling party and the coalition it has led for half a century faces oblivion at the next elections if it fails to reform.

The Barisan Nasional coalition, helmed by the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), has floundered since March elections which saw a resurgent opposition score unprecedented victories.

Trade Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, an UMNO vice president who has called for premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to stand down before his planned departure in 2010, said the party must address internal conflicts and the opposition threat.

"It is a situation which is very serious. It is of concern not only to UMNO members but to the country at large, to the Barisan Nasional and people who cares about what is happening to the government," he was quoted by AFP as telling a press conference.

"If nothing happens then I am not too sure if the lifespan of Barisan Nasional, of UMNO in particular, can sustain beyond the year 2013," he said, referring to the scheduled date of the next general elections.

Abdullah has defied calls to quit despite being confronted by rare criticism from within his cabinet, as well as a challenge from opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who says he has enough defectors to topple the government.

Abdullah swept to power in a landslide 2003 election victory, but his popularity plummeted due to broken promises for reform, as well as rising inflation and a slowing economy.

Muhyiddin made another attack on Abdullah's plan to hand over to his deputy Najib Razak, saying UMNO members should decide on the future leadership in internal elections that begin next month.

"What has been agreed upon is only a convention. There is no such provision in the constitution," he said. "We don't elect leaders unconstitutionally, we elect leaders based on procedures."

If Abdullah steps down as premier, Najib is widely tipped to replace him, with Muhyiddin as his new deputy. (Antara News, Indonesia)

What is the prime motivation for
Muhyiddin's determined efforts to unseat Pak Lah? Is it truly his new found zeal for 'reform' in Umno? Or is it more likely a devious attempt to shore up his own position in the party? Frankly if reform is the issue, surely Muhyiddin too is part of the problem in the first place, and should by right withdraw from active politics while urging thousands of other corrupt umnoputeras to do the same. But will that ever happen? Ha Ha Ha.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cubaan Anwar merampas 36 kerusi parlimen berjaya dipatahkan oleh security guard.

Jika tidak, ramailah MP yang terpaksa duduk atas lantai dalam sidang parlimen yang akan datang ini.

Whoaa ... Hoaa .... haaaa ...

~ Leno ~

3:51 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Afif said...

Berita terkini:

Anwar berjaya dapat 45 kerusi...

25 dari IKEA

10 dari Courts Mammoth

10 dari Giant

5:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


its the NO 2 position. After taht, one mighty stab, hehe NO SATU leh.

11:36 PM GMT+8  
Blogger ~PakKaramu~ said...

ukan senang nak jatuhkan kerajaan

1:56 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Purple Haze said...

Well, it does appear that Muhyiddin is starting to say the right things.

4:47 AM GMT+8  

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