Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anwar Bid To Topple BN

His ancestors were feared headhunters who once dominated part of Borneo. Now James Masing is being headhunted himself.

The six federal members of parliament from his Sarawak People's Party are being stalked by Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader who has set tomorrow as the date Malaysia's ruling Barisan Nasional coalition of the past 55 years will fall.

To achieve that Mr Anwar needs at least 30 of the Barisan's 140 MPs to jump across and join the 82 MPs of his People's Alliance grouping of three parties, which rattled the Government with startling advances in federal and state elections in March.

The 31 MPs from Sarawak, all but one in Barisan, will be a critical block. Dr Masing says the Anwar group is trying to call him constantly. "I refuse to entertain them," he says, though he admits a sense that "Malaysia is changing".

But Mr Anwar's chief headhunter in Sarawak, Ng Kim Ho, predicts "substantial" numbers of MPs will jump. "We are anticipating even entire parties," said Mr Ng, a Kuching lawyer who became a state MP for Mr Anwar's People's Justice Party or PKR in March. "The numbers that will be coming from Sarawak will be no less than from Sabah and from West Malaysia."

After returning to parliament in a by-election on August 26, following six years of jail on contentious sodomy and corruption charges, former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim wasted no time challenging his former colleagues in Barisan. On tomorrow's anniversary of Malaysia's formation in 1963 from former British colonies in Malaya and Borneo, he would show the numbers to take power.

No Barisan MP has yet jumped ship. Parliament is not even sitting this week because of the Muslim fasting month, so much would depend on the attitude of Malaysia's king to any list of support that Mr Anwar presents. "The political situation is changing every six hours," admits the PKR's Mr Ng.

But the Barisan is showing signs of alarm and disarray.

Last week, 49 members of its "backbenchers' club" were sent on a fact-finding mission to study agriculture in Taiwan, with a reported 50,000 ringgit ($18,500) each in pocket money. On Friday, four Anwar representatives flew to Taipei to keep working on them.

The Government also showed off its most powerful weapon, the Internal Security Act, which allows detention for up to two years without trial. Late last week, police arrested a prominent political blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin, an opposition MP, and a journalist under the act. Mr Anwar said it was to "engineer an atmosphere of fear and instability".

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's position was meanwhile undercut from within his own party. Trade and Industry Minister Muhyuddin Yassin, who is also an UMNO vice-president, said the agreed post-election succession plan, whereby Mr Abdullah would hand over to his deputy Najib Tun Razak in June 2010, was "too long".

In another threat, the former prime minister of 21 years, Mahathir Mohammad, who disavowed Mr Abdullah after the March election setback and quit UMNO in May, said he wanted to rejoin the party.

But this week, it's Anwar Ibrahim's political game from the outside. "It's a psychological battle, though we are now playing for real," said Sarawak campaign chief Mr Ng. "Without setting a target, that date would never come. Without also trying to get the members of parliament to jump — to persuade them, use all kinds of technique — they will continue to sit and wait." (The Age, Australia)

***** Hopefully the era of true democracy, totally devoid of the pernicious evil of
Umno's institutionalised racism and uncontrolled corruption, isn't too far off.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If insufficient numbers of MPs cross over there is still the no confidence motion against Badawi. There is no question of Badawi been remove if Parliment votes on it. Many BN MPs has had enough of the umno BS and that includes MPs from umno themselves who will vote against Badawi. He maybe forced to call another election and that will guarantee umno will fall flat. One way or another BN will fall, and if will be a glorious day when that happen.
Hooray for PR

10:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous tera said...

Dengar la pembohong Anwar tu. Sekarang dah dengar nak tangguh pulak. Apa cerita ni, hasil takda, alasan dah berguni2. TU jelah yang Anwar ni tahu buat.

3:40 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if Anwar cannot secure enough seats to topple the government, reducing its majority would be an achievement by itself. The government would then be very unstable. Bodowi would then have to call for a new election or his own position will be untenable. Whichever way to put it, the BN is as good as gone.


8:29 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you ask me, I say that Masing is a disgrace to the spirit of his ancestors. All he cares about is his own position. His party is in disarray because he couldn't stand the fact that others in the party are held in high esteem as leaders. He thinks that he is the anointed paramount leader exclusive to all others. Don't count on him as he is too aligned to Taib for the crumbs.

12:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anti rpk said...

Let me remind everyone that anwar was part of UMNO before and he still is. Jangan terpedaya dgn anwar. Apa yang dia mahu ialah untuk jadi perdana menteri malaysia.

4:14 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

Only a matter of time before this Racist, Bigoted, Corrupted, Murderous, Rapist Government (similar to Nazi Germany & South Africa's Apartheid Regime)dies...get ready for a new era...PR will form the new Federal Government & DSAI will be PM.
It may not be tomorrow or even next week...however it will happen!!!!!

4:49 PM GMT+8  

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