Saturday, September 20, 2008

Race Relations Act Won't Solve Problems. Treating All Malaysians Equally Will: Jeffrey Kitingan

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has urged the government to reconsider its move to draw up a Race Relations Act.

He felt that race relations should be nurtured and promoted, not forced through the use of legislation.

He said the more the government enacts laws to force race relations, the more sensitive and problematic it will be to promote good relations among the various races in the country.

“Enacting laws on race relations is, therefore, not the best way to solve racial sensitivities in Malaysia,” said Jeffrey when commenting on a recent statement by Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar who said the government would draft a Race Relations Act to safeguard and strengthen relations among the different races in the country.

Syed Hamid said the formulation of the proposed act has been agreed upon by the cabinet, and the task will be headed by the Home Ministry and Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry.

If the government was serious and sincere about solving racial sensitivities, Jeffrey said the best way is to promote the universal concept of social justice and respect by treating all Malaysians equally.

He said this would mean that Malaysia might have to dismantle and do away with racial-based politics and political parties.

Instead, the country would have to promote multi-racialism and the concept of a Malaysian national identity or Malaysian race, he said.

“As long as we continue to politicise race through race-based politics and political parties, no amount of legislation will solve racial problems and sensitivities,” Jeffrey cautioned. (The Borneo Post)

***** As long as Umno leads the country there will be absolutely no way of improving race relations because it is in the interest of that corrupt party to maintain hostility between the different ethnic groups.

However we can all make a genuine effort to unite the nation by joining hands and helping in booting out the racist bigots who have plagued this country for decades. We don't need a Race Relations Act. We merely need to kick out the racists from continuing in power.

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Blogger backstreetgluttons said...

lets have a final petition to boot them out today !

5 votes from us

2:14 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Samy Ka Ting said...

Will parties associated with UMNO have implied immunity from the Race Relations Act?

3:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous weliveinshitland said...

racial politics = DIVIDE & RULE!

4:47 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Merdeka said...

How can UMNO talk about a Race Relations Act when their mouthpiece Utusan acts entirely to the contrary? It's like "Do as we say but don't do as we do".

Clean up your backyard first, UMNO. Then you can strat talking about race relations. As it is, no one trusts UMNO now.

The Race Relations Act is good only if there is mutual and sincere respect for each other based on equality.

UMNO should not even talk about this until the party is ready. What is the party doing about Khir Toyo, Ahmad and Utusan? Give us some good answers. Don't even try taking us for a ride. Duh.

12:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever amount of suggestion,proposal, argument, debate, media expose going on on the ISA now, is definitely NOT at same level as during when Tan and Kok was inside.(..Kok even got to talk about the food)
The fact is showing up that; level of commitment to help brother or sister Malaysian differs according to the color of your Malaysian skin and if you speak Mandarin or not. (Dont mean to be Racial)

see earlier comment:
Mankok Says:
September 22, 2008 at 10:14 pm
While on this ISA subject,I mean to provoke some deeper thinking-hopefully).
It sort of began when those Hindraf guys got it, there was a build-up of protest.*URGENCY was NOT there.
Then when Kok,Tan and RPK got took in too..ANY petition was a BIG yes.**URGENCY was BIG TIME HOOHAA!!.

After that, when Kok and Tan gets out,petition comes under debates, bickering begins-some tries to sound like lawyers,some say it’s not enough.***URGENCY went OUT the door.

See the list and hope you smell it.
Now go figure out.

Yazid Sufaat, Suhaimi Mokhtar, Dr Abdullah Daud, Shamsuddin Sulaiman, Mat Shah Mohd Satray, Abdul Murad Sudin, Zaini Zakaria, Zainun Rashid, Wan Amin Wan Hamat, Sulaiman Suramin, Sufian Salih, Mohd Khaider Kadran, Hasim Talib, Zakaria Samad, Ahmad Zakaria, Terhamid Dahalan, Abdul Rahman Ahmad, Mahfudi Saifudin, Mulyadi, Arifin, Mat Tarmizi Zakaria, Artas Burhanudin, Francis Indanan, Mohd Nazri Dollah, Mohd Arsad Patangari, Adzmi Pindatun, Idris Lanama, Aboud Ghafar Shahril, Jeknal Adil, Binsali Omar, Husin Alih, Yussof Mohd Salam, Ahmad Jamal Azahari, Pakana Selama, Kasem Dayama, Shaykinar Guat, Argadi Andoyok, Ng How Chuang, Ng Keat Seng, Mohd Azuan Aniffa, Mohd Faizol Shamsuddin, Zulfikli Abu Bakar, Zulfikli Marzuki, Amir Hussain, Mohd Nasir Ismail, Ahmad Kamil Hanafiah, Muh Amir Hanafiah, Tan Choon Chin, Mavalavan, Lian Kok Heng, Sundaraj Vijay, San Khaing, Shadul Islam, Abdul Sattar Sarjoon, Faycal Mamdouh, Mohamad Nakhrakhel, Muhammad Shuaib Hazral Bilal, Muhammad Zahid Zahir Shah, T Vasanthakumar, P Uthayakumar, R Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau, M Manoharan,RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN!

7:46 PM GMT+8  

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