Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Karpal Receives Live Bullet And Warning Note

DAP chairman Karpal Singh received an envelope containing a live bullet and a warning note at his law firm in Jalan Pudu Lama here Tuesday.

The envelope was delivered by a motorcyclist who wore a full-face helmet.

Karpal, who is MP for Bukit Gelugor, has lodged a report at the Dang Wangi police headquarters on the incident.

Accompanying him were Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo and DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang.

Karpal told reporters that the man had entered his firm about 12.30pm and handed over a yellow envelope containing the bullet and the note. "I was at home when my clerk informed me that I had received the bullet and the note.

"According to her, the man kept silent and left immediately," he said, adding that he was worried for his safety.

He declined comment on whether the incident was related to his controversial remarks pertaining to the power of the Malay rulers.

Karpal said this was the second time he had received a live bullet. In 1981, he received an M-16 bullet which was delivered to his house in Penang. (Bernama)

Now WHO has grudges and grievances against Mr Karpal Singh which are serious enough to result in such a threat? Hmm. Shades of C4?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Padan mukA

10:09 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another defamation sue in the making. This will be the first Malaysian taken to court for libel charges just because he made a Genuine Consumer Complaint on the Internet. Should we keep quite from being bullied by the rich and powerful? Is it right to use the law to muzzle a consumer in grievance? Read more here http://www.consumer.com.my/message/index.php?itemid=1715

10:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

act of cowards...........

10:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous darcwil said...

malaysian.... the last line there.... you are implying something....?? be careful, you also dont want to end up like karpal :P hehe.

4:29 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pak Lembik shoulda sent a c4 grenade to pak Tahir the mamak

6:22 PM GMT+8  

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