Monday, May 19, 2008

Pak Lah's Too Little Too Late Religious Tolerance Spin

The Government has met various religious groups to discuss and understand their needs.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the meetings were held because religion continued to be a sensitive issue among Malaysians.

“Although Islam is the official faith, the Federal Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion.

“Realising that religion remains a sensitive issue, which needs to be treated with patience and tolerance among the different ethnic groups, the Government, through the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry has held several meetings,” he said Sunday in his Wesak Day message here.

Abdullah said the meetings would also help foster a closer relationship and improve understanding among the different races and religious groups in the country.

“I hope that with this approach, we will be able to resolve any issue or problem peacefully and in the spirit of friendship. I believe there won’t be any problem that we cannot resolve if we practise moderation, tolerance and are respectful of each other.”

Abdullah said all religions have inherent universal values.

“Therefore, I ask all Malaysians, regardless of religion, to always carry out good work and abstain from doing anything that may destroy us, our family and society,” he said.

Malaysia, he added, was lucky in that its people had been able to live peacefully thus far. “This achievement should not be belittled when we reflect on the suffering and conflict faced by some countries because of religious or ethnic tensions. This success is the result of our efforts and the unity of our people, in their rejection of extremism,” he said.

“I also take this opportunity to wish Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists. I hope the understanding and unity prevailing among us can be continuously enhanced so that our country will progress and remain peaceful.” (The Star)

***** When he had the chance to bridge the divide between Muslims and the others and promote meaningful dialogue between the disparate religious groups, the PM shamelessly pandered to the demands of ultra-religious zealots in his party.

He didn't lift a finger to resolve any of the religious issues which cropped up during his first term of office, ignored the advice of the voices of reason, including the Mufti of Perlis and frequently dismissed them with the stock phrase that 'religion is a sensitive issue'. As if we didn't know that.

Now after getting hammered in the general elections he belatedly wishes to put the government in a good light by saying that the kerajaan
'has met various religious groups to discuss and understand their needs'! Those who once counted themselves as his fervent supporters have over the past few years become so disappointed and disillusioned that they have shifted their hopes and loyalty to others like Pakatan Rakyat who will do something concrete about their doubts, worries and misgivings. As for Pak Lah's spin, too little too late old chap.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lembik goatherd is speaking through his arsehold again

1:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shameless PM....using thte religion card now to boast his standing......Do we really need leaders like this in our country?

If you are damm serious about what you said, You should come out clear and fast about your stand on the Lina Joy case.........

3:55 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not only too little too late. It sounded insincere. He's using religion like a drowning man grasping at a straw. Why this sudden concern when everybody has been begging with him to allow more religious freedom? And what has he done regarding the case of the local council which disallowed water and electricity connection to their tiny church which were demolished previously by the authorities?

9:11 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Top10 said...

I think AAB's action is more than just a too little and a little too late.It is grossly insincere. After the hammering that BN got during the last election, his latest attempts to reassure and pacify the non-muslims should be interpreted as just political expendiency.His past inaction to even bother to say a word about the religious issues shows clearly his true self.I put no value to his latest talk of religious freedom until more concrete and long term measures are taken and actually implemented to ensure religious freedom as stated in the Constitution.

12:51 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a whole load of s..t !!

2:33 AM GMT+8  

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