Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr Mahathir's Umno Resignation - Frustration, Sandiwara Or Devious Design?

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and veteran party man Tan Sri Sanusi Junid announced Monday that they are quitting Umno.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced this on Monday at 12.35pm, citing a lack of confidence in the current leadership. "I am quitting Umno today," he told about 1,000 people, mostly Kedah Umno members, at a talk here on Monday.

"Mahathir has resigned from UMNO in protest over Pak Lah's continued leadership as both the prime minister and president of UMNO," said Mokhzani Mahathir.

Malaysiakini quoted Dr Mahathir as urging all UMNO ministers and party leaders to follow him by quitting the party, and return only when Abdullah has departed.

It is quite obvious that this is a tactic which Dr M hopes will put pressure on the Umno leadership to jettison Pak Lah. However there is great doubt if such a ploy will work, even though Umno finds itself pushed to the wall politically. Thus far only former Kedah Mentri Besar Sanusi Junid, an irrelevant player at the moment, has joined the former PM. I'm sure that even Mokhzani won't follow his father's advice and leave the party so why should anyone else?

Could the Tun be using this quit threat to deflect attention from the Lingamgate debacle which may end up as a political disaster for him? Yesterday he had threatened to 'reveal all' about errant judges. Suppose some others were to take the cue and start revealing his own acts of omission and commission when he was the PM?

It cannot be denied that this sudden announcement by Dr Mahathir will have at least some repercussions but it need not necessarily be a bad thing for the party. For all we know this new challenge by Dr Mahathir may have the opposite of the intended effect and surprisingly galvanize the party towards uniting around Pak Lah.

Pak Lah himself was just reported by Reuters as expressing surprise at the resignation adding that he did not expect Dr M to leave and has asked Umno members to be loyal to the party. He also reiterated his resolve to continue in office.

Meanwhile Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has refuted rumours that he too will quit Umno. On the contrary Tengku Razaleigh says that he will stay on to challenge Pak Lah in the Umno polls in December.

Only time will tell if there is an element of sandiwara or some ulterior motive apart from Pak Lah's ouster behind this quit Umno claim.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the public will judge this together with the Lingam Report. Dr. M appears to be hitting Pak Lah back punishment for making that Report public!!

5:52 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous novice101 said...

Could this be another devious, calculative move by a devious mind?
Could mahathir do this as a pre-emptive move? Could he have got wind of AAB wanting to take him to court on the Lingam’s tapes affair? He is doing this as a distraction and to dis-stabilise the government so that he can get off scot-free.

6:17 PM GMT+8  
Blogger walski69 said...

Whatever the reason or strategy, it appears that the dUMNO boys are starting to get jittery, going by what K. Toyol & No-Relation-to-Jessica Alba(r) had to say in The Star.

Perhaps it's a move to destabilize UMNO enough so that come November, you-know-who will get voted out. But if people start to follow in TDM's path, will there be anybody left to vote in the assembly? Heh heh...

What will be more interesting is if the elected UMNO MPs start jumping ship, too... Now THAT would be a sandiwara of Titanic proportions...

7:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's simply irresponsible of DR M!!
Since he was the one who handpicked Pak Lah, he should be gentleman enough to apologise to the Rakyat of the whole nation for the wrong choice he made. Pak Lah was not the people's choice, it's Dr M's. Now, to quit UMNO in protest means that he is runing away from responsibility and totally deny his fault.

7:12 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

He's a cunning snake!
Be careful. He made Racial Statements first then he quits UMNO. He wants more UMNO MPs to leave. If enough do this then the BN will not be in power anymore. They may even have to call for another GE!
This crook is as devious as he's always been. He's also diverting attention from the Lingam Tape Report.
He will do anything to escape now. Does not matter if the country goes to hell.
However, looking positively, this could be the cue for "cross-overs" to the PR to form the new Government! God help us from these UMNO devils!

7:52 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr M has apologized to the rakyat for choosing the wrong PM and said that he wanted Najib to be the next PM. Later he even say now he doesn't want Najib to be the next PM. Let's face it, if Najib ever wants to be PM, he'll stay by Abdullah's side. Smart felow.

8:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mukriz should leave if father and son are serious

8:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Mamak Mahathir said...

This mamak is a cunning fox who is very scared after the events that unfolded w.r.t the Lingam saga. He is a master of deception trying to sway potential charges by creating a drama.
Gross violation of human rights, proponent of money politics, utmost racist( forever talking about Malays and not Malaysian), wasting public funds through speculations and poor investments e.g. cornering the Tin Market over London Stock Exchange, and of course making other component parties of Barisan Nasional a mere second class friends are among the feathers of his cap.
We talk about the development that he has brought. This is absolutely deception. Dubai is also expanding at a rapid pace just by using money from oil. This racist ex PM, has destroyed the integrity of the judiciary system, killed the identity of Malaysians and of course promoting big fat cat Umnoputras who wave keris on the mission of promoting instability and racial tension.
This idiot also plays the racial cards and remind us of 1969 events. I guess Umnoputras hid many facts and rewritten the history to bullshit Malaysians.
Mamak Mahathir, I doubt you can call your goodself a Malay. You are just as cunning as most Mamaks in the world. We can't trust you.

9:37 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once Paklah reply tat he won't resign thn around 10.30pm M'sia having earthquake, dun't u all thk tis was signal frm Gods?

Guy & gal, pls refresh ur mind tat evry time Paklah did statements in media sure M'sia having natural disaster. So wat did it mean, Gods is objecting or supporting him??? But y mst tis disaster affect public as whole & not jst only himself to take tis disaster???

11:18 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just go-lah. actually now i sympathise with pak lah....i dunno about the hardcore umno mahathir loyalists but i think dr m has erm pushed public sentiments over to pak lah...

9:14 PM GMT+8  
Blogger insecticide said...

Get lost Mahathir. We had enough torturing and suffering during your time. We don't need any of your public fund wastage anymore. So is Mukriz, we can't afford another Mahathir II.

1:44 AM GMT+8  

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