Sunday, May 18, 2008

BN Parties Unhappy With Umno Should Pull Out, Says PKR Youth Leader

Barisan Nasional component parties unhappy with Umno should pull out of the coalition and join Pakatan Rakyat, a Perak Parti Keadilan (PKR) Youth leader said.

At a public forum here on Saturday night, Perak PKR Youth Information deputy chief Chang Lih Kang said there were Barisan parties that shared the same views as PR on issues like abolishing draconian laws, and the fair and equitable treatment of all races.

However Umno, as the dominant party in the coalition, did not endorse their views, he said. Chang, who is also Teja assemblyman, said it was high time they re-considered their political positioning.

By joining Pakatan Rakyat, they would not only have the opportunity to realise their policies, they could also end the era of racial politics in Malaysia, he said.

“There is nothing wrong in switching parties if the political party you are in is no longer moving in the direction you want,” he said.

Chang's proposal came in the midst of persistent talk that some Barisan MPs will cross over to Pakatan Rakyat.

He was speaking at the forum entitled The move towards a two-party system -- how are young politicians making changes? organised by the Youth wing of the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall held at Yuk Choy Old Boys Association Building here. (The Star)

Perak PKR Youth Information deputy chief Chang Lih Kang is on spot with his advice. Umno is a political dead-end and there is no way that they will change or accommodate the views of others even if the non-Malay parties wait for a hundred years.

If the component parties like the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and others truly care for the people as they claim, then there is only choice and that is to abandon Umno and all that the racist party stands for and join Pakatan Rakyat. That is the best contribution these politicians can make for the future good of the nation. But do they really have the interests of their constituents at heart or only care for themselves?
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Blogger DIASPORA said...

What is being stated is easier said than done. UMNO without MCA and MIC is still a formidable force demographically and it ciontrols the levers of power both economically and militarily.

It is no good creating enemies and wasting the energy of the country trying to 'contain' each other whilst the down trodden masses watch and cry in despair.

Everyone knows that we do not have Politicians of the mettle of Mahatma Ghandi, Mandella, King etc who asked for no earthly rewards for their services to Mankind. Our Politicians are not of this mould. Their sole motive to enter politics is to enrich themselves and their cronies and their families and live in a make believe world that their ultimate object is the PM's post and if possible a fling at LeMeridien in KLSENTRAL without the spouse knowing about it.

PKR is being too hasty in asking the Party to switch. There is no sin in an MP switching parties if his or her intention is meant for the good of the country. Let UMNO, MCA and MIC boil in their own fat and burn themselves up.

The sooner that Barisan Rakyat takes control of Parliament - the sooner will matters affecting the Police Commission, the Elections Commission, the misery of the tainted Judiciary, HINDRAF, Scholarships, the problems of the poor and the getting rid of unwanted massive white elephant projects COME to and end and to fruition as the case may be.

We must hope that the MPs who honestly want to join the BR should have no qualms in doing so if it is for the good of the people and for justice and fair play. They should not fall for the stupid arguments of the BN cronies that they were elected on BN tickets.

The BN should by now pour oil in its eyes and note that the masses VOTED for the person and NOT for UMNO or MCA or MIC. In the process of course they created a tsunami and kicked out a lot of no gooders and robbers of the National Treasury by devious ways.

7:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

No they will not leave the Bn as long as the BN (read: UMNO) is in Power!
As long as they, their families, friends & their cronies can still "bleed" the Rakyat!

1:26 PM GMT+8  

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