Sunday, April 06, 2008

After Short Post-Election Silence, Pak Lah Lambasts Dr M, Tengku Razaleigh And Anwar

At a press conference after attending a briefing session with Umno’s information machinery at the Putra World Trade Centre here, a closed-door meeting with about 1,000 grassroots leaders today, held for the first time since the general election to explain issues concerning the party and the polls results, Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, probably fed up with the constant cribbing and backbiting from Umno party stalwarts, decided to do a bit of tongue-lashing himself.

Employing a no-holds-barred strategy Pak Lah took to task the two Umno principals who have been leading the charge against him, Dr Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Taking aim at the former PM whose bitter attacks against Abdullah have been reported worldwide, he accused Dr Mahathir of being primarily responsible for undermining the judiciary. Pak Lah said that he holds his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad responsible for the poor state of the judiciary and lack of press freedom in the country.

He also took a potshot at Tengku Razaleigh by saying that the Gua Musang Umno division chief was responsible for the Barisan Nasional’s losses in Kelantan.

Grassroots leaders comprising state liaison chairmen, division information bureau chiefs and their counterparts from the Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings attended the meeting at the Umno headquarters at the Putra World Trade Centre.

Reiterating the fact that he is still the Prime Minister, Pak Lah told off Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by sarcastically urging him to continue being the 'prime minister-in-waiting'.

Was this a one off speech or can we expect more such tough talk from Pak Lah? He has either decided 'no more Mr Nice Guy' or has been advised to come out fighting in future. Whether he will continue to counter the vociferous Umno rebels 'blow for blow', only time will tell. It looks like the PM is just warming up in his battle with the other behemoths in Umno.



Blogger kittykat46 said...

Actually, I would like Pak Lah to stay on as long as possible as UMNO leader and Prime Minister.

It serves the purpose of those who don't have UMNO's best interest at heart....LOL...

3:07 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Fei Hung said...

Finally, Mr. Elegant Silence has decided to show some response instead of his usual "siapa cakap?". Hopefully he'll come out of his tight corner and show some leadership. Hopefully too, he'll get himself some better advisors!

4:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

Ay last (maybe) he is showing signs of being awake!
He should actually use the ISA on TDM! By critizing & insulting & undermining the PM, TDM is actually "threatening" National Security. Let the HINDRAF 5 go as they were only fighting for their community (something that MIC & Semi Value were not doing!).

4:40 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sit back relax and enjoy the mud-slinging show.

6:14 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did he finally wake up? This is more like a PM that everyone liked to see. However, it's a bit too late now isn't it?

As far as Mahathir is concerned, don't back down. The PM is right that most of the ills are inherited from him. The issue with Abdullah was that he did not become his own man. Hence the rot got worse and now the everyone in Umno is blaming him although there themselves were the stumbling blocks. How was it that no one complains when the money was rolling in and they were all stuffing their pockets? His biggest mistake was to retain most of Mahathir cabinet when he had the chance to make changes.

6:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the battle line is being defined. exciting times ahead. but please confine that to ameno and leave others alone.

7:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mahatir is a F_A_K_E!

Why we still give so much publicity to him is something I cannot understand?

Haven’t we had enough of him? Haven’t we had seen enough of his evil-heartedness, forking tongue, his twist, turn and scarce tactics and make our lives miserable through his 22 years of draconian and egoistic rule?

His misdeeds are a plenty and I do not need to list them out here as many bloggers have a long list of them and there is no shortage of bloggers who would willingly add to the already long list of his evil deeds.

Yet, do we ever look back and ask why we were misled by him through racial threats, intimidation and his draconian ISA rule?

Had he not existed, would we be in a better position than we are today?

This man is a pseudo-Malay Indian ; a mamak. He played the Malay chauvinistic drum to rise in the political ladder.

When he became the PM, he used a slogan in front for you to follow but behind him he did the opposite what he had told you!

His son’s MISC, Telecom’s Optical deal ($3 billion-till now has not been installed)……tell you volumes of his nepotism and corruption practices.
We know billions were also lost through his government’s adventure and awards of bloated contracts to his cronies and children and many generations will suffer because of these - including the ever-rising highway toll.

Do we not feel the sufferings caused by one evil man who had single-handedly cheated and led the country astray to what we are now? Could we let him off Scot free and make others take the blame e.g. like AAB now?

When asked how he would like to be remembered? He replied that he did not care. So why does he care now????? Why is he making so much noise- almost everyday? What is his agenda? He still has the cheek to ask AAB to resign and blame him for the election loss? Did he not ask the people to vote for the opposition before the election? Now, the people had voted and he unashamedly asked AAB to shoulder the consequences? What kind of a man is this? Can you see his hypocrisy?

When AAB did not implement his projects he began to make noise and was brazen-faced to say that you implement my projects and I would not talk!
Shame, shame, shameless, in an effort to extort and arm-twist a PM after being “booted” out of office.

Actually, how many of us would know the consequence if the crooked bridge had been built? There was no water pipe! On its completion the causeway would be dismantled! You know when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia, the ever far-sighted LKY had an agreement with TAR that if water was cut off from them they would go to war with Malaysia? Imagine how many lives would be lost just for the ego, revenge and evil-intent of one man! He would of course be laughing, with his cronies, to the bank and most probably enjoy holidaying overseas while the two countries wage a “water war” causing many deaths! Most probably, he would point his finger at AAB for starting the war!

Haven’t we seen and have enough of this man’s evils?

AAB could have seen this danger and cancel this project. But his reticence, has provided Mahatir with ammunitions to fire at him.

Some people credit Mahatir with the concrete buildings, roads etc. Let’s us ask ourselves a question, in view of the economic situation then, had he not existed would not the other man do the same thing as the whole region was progressing then? Who would not jump on the bandwagon and build up his own country too?

But, what had he done; he jumped on the same bandwagon and created cronyism, nepotism and embarked on adventures with the nation’s savings building white elephants, causing untold financial losses, bailing out his son and cronies leaving us to carrying the baggage which we are feeling the weight of the sufferings now.

Have we forgotten all these?

Do we believe that we “could find him no wrong”? Yet he had the cheek to claim this and asked the tribunal to apologize to the sacked judge!!!

Has he ever had a conscience?

AAB should fight back. He should allow Anwar’s case be heard in the court and get somebody to list out his corrupted practices and evil-heart doings and put them in the record book or have him answer the charges in court. This will shut him up like a trap!

Somebody should examine his role in May 13 and many other cases where his high-handedness resulted in lives lost.

History must record the truth and give a true picture for future generations to view this foxy old Mamak man’s role in our lives.

Sadly, AAB is either too soft or too dumb and doesn’t know what to do to fend off his frequent assault.

We shouldn’t let others bear his sins! We should rise up and help to defend AAB by petitioning to Agong to remove his Tunship and put him under ISA for inciting hatred, intimidation and disturbing the peace of the country. We should help AAB to stand up and move on to manage the country instead of being constantly intimidated by this wicked man and crouch spinelessly behind the closet and let the country go auto-pilot.

This Mamak and Diam must be put in jail and make them pay back what they had stolen from our nation’s wealth if justice is to be done or seen to be done. Else there is no use of shouting for anti-corruption, anti-this or anti-that. Justice would never be done as their ghosts will always come back to haunt us- over and over!

Let us begin and put the last nail into his coffin and remove him from our sight once-and-for-all.

7:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judiciary of the past is a done deal. Agreed that was not the doing of Dolah.

Judiciary of the future ? Look at who is the CJ in waiting ? Background ? Parachuted from nowhere as a top gun and in waiting till OCT 2008, some 6 months away. Is Dolah still not responsible ?

MOHD MOHD TAIB is a reflection on the entire new cabinet. Peers are not embarassed ? Australia dollars smuggling fiasco and later charged in Kuala Lumpur court for corrupt practises ? Wahab Patail (brother of AG Ghani Patail) was the presiding judge.


6 April 2008

8:30 PM GMT+8  
Blogger al said...

from the above article of AAB's trademark muted lame response , it is quite pitiful really that he can be so utterly useless, even under a direct frontal attack. We often wonder why we have somebody up there like him if not to corrupt the country. Are Malaysians so lame that he is still there as PM ? the word PM is now a disgrace for Malaysia,or is there something else that the eyes dun see?

10:13 PM GMT+8  

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