Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Human Rights Watch Accuses Malaysia Of Silencing Minority After Ethnic Indians' Arrests

An international human rights group called on Malaysia Tuesday to release five ethnic Indian activists who have been detained without trial, and accused the Muslim Malay-dominated government of trying to silence a minority.

New York-based Human Rights Watch said in a statement that Malaysia should immediately free the five leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force, or Hindraf, who were arrested Thursday under the Internal Security Act for alleged sedition and threatening national security.

The colonial-era ISA allows for detention without trial for an initial period of two years that can be extended indefinitely.

Elaine Pearson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said the arrests were "an attempt to frighten into silence a minority community concerned about its rights."

"The government must allow all voices to be heard, including those from marginalized communities like Hindraf who are seeking equal access to basic rights," Pearson said.

The five activists had organized a demonstration last month where some 20,000 ethnic Indians participated to voice the community's demand for equal rights. Police used tear gas and water cannons to quell the protest, and charged 31 other people with attempted murder.

The charge was dropped Monday.

Indians, who account for 8 percent and are at the bottom of the economic and social ladder, complain they face discrimination in education, job and business opportunities and their temples have been unfairly demolished. Muslim Malays make up 60 percent of Malaysia's 27 million people and dominate the government.

The government has denied that racial discrimination exists and has accused Hindraf of inciting racial hatred and unrest in this multi-ethnic country.

Human Rights Watch and other rights groups have called on the government to abandon the Internal Security Act — last used against political dissent in 2001 — and try those, mainly criminal and terrorist suspects, still held under the law. (International Herald Tribune)

***** Well it looks like the rest of the world knows what racial discrimination in Malaysia is all about and who is being marginalised. Except for the well placed, rent-seeking and favoured umnoputeras and their shameless stooges like Damai Malaysia, that instantly created hotchpotch group of beggars awaiting morsels from the kerajaan, no one within or outside the country is the least bit convinced of the government's silly terrorist theories and callous claims that there is no discrimination in Malaysia. That is the biggest lie this government is trying to spread.

Everyone knows it is Umno that has presided over the worst form of racist practices which have been allowed to thrive in this so-called 'democratic nation' for so long. By wielding draconian laws, by misusing the police force and by persistently raising the spectre of bloodbaths ala May 13th 1969, they have thus far successfully frightened the citizens into forlorn despair and silence. The Hindraf rally has changed all that. In its simple act of defiance, unarmed and unprivileged citizens have brought into stark relief the injustice being perpetrated by this government and Malaysians as a whole have willy-nilly been empowered with a stronger voice and fresh mindset, not by government fiat but by the clever use of people power. Of course the mainstream media continues to publish letters from geriatric goats of all races decrying the rally and condemning the participants.That is all they can do.

Short of a government-sponsored genocide, there is no turning back the clock on badly needed reform and the Umno leadership had better pay more attention to ALL Malaysians or face the consequences of ending up as a post-script in our history, under the section for racist dictators.
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Anonymous Social Contract said...

I want to ask a simple logic. In a country, the majority will normally be protected. Only the minority needs protection.

In Malaysia, the majority is protected and the minority is discriminated.

Where got logic? You want to know the logic. Simple. Only in 3rd world, the majority needs protection and only in the first world, the minority needs protection.

Malaysia has proven that it is a Bolehland and will forever die as a 3rd World Country, no matter how many times she shouts Boleh Boleh BOleh to be come first world.

First and foremost, politicians like Mamak Reezal Naina Marican( an Indian by origin but pretending to act like a Malay), One Eye Pirate - Said from Melaka who told the Customs not close one eye and Nazri who shouts words like Pondan! and Racist in the Parliament.

Well Malaysians, have a look at the British Parliament, how eloquent they are in presenting ideas.

You people need to learn how to change ur kampung mentality.

Racism has to stop in malaysia, before we can become developed country.

11:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous A Great Hope for Indians said...

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Fools within the Indian community.

Well lets face it, there are 3 groups of people in Malaysia who are indians in nature hypocritic enough to deny it.

Class A: Indian Muslims - In India they claim to be indian, in Malaysia they claim to be Malay

Class B: Indian Christian - Just like Michelle, they think they are Whites. They try to reach out their 1% white blood which is a diluted as water. Face the fact you are still 99% Indian. So act as if u are some alient from outer space.

Class C: Punjabi - Another bunch of jokers who think they are different. Excuse me, not all Punjabis are Sikhs. There are substantial of them who are hindu and substantial of them who are Hindu. Where are they from ? India. In Malaysia, they are Lain Lain.

The problem of unity among Indians doesn't exist because of the hypocritical attitude of Class A, Class B and Class C people.

Fools, the underlying message of Hindraf, is the socio-economic status of the Indians at large. Face the fact, that we are discriminated in political, economic and social aspects of life.

Political - It is impossible for us to win sits on our own. There is no proper representation in parliament. The current representation is 3.2% as compared to 8% of the population.

Social - We always branded drunkards, thieves, labourers or course professionals like doctors, lawyers, and engineers. We are not associated with entrepreneurship and business acumen. Stop the fetish interst in becoming to become a doctor and aim for things like investment banking, financial analyst and entrepeneurship.

Economics- Indians dont want to heavily invest stock markets, equity, derivatives, forward contracts, bonds. They only like to invest in properties and keep the money under the bed. Remember, we got to invest in equity to raise our equity representation above 1.2 % at present.

I hope Indians change and remind themselves to help themselves or face the fact that they will continue to be left behind.

11:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Tedev said...

A Great Hope for Indians said...

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Fools within the Indian community.

Well-done sir, but does your claim has basis? Maybe some corrections would enlightened your thought.

Class A: Indian Muslims - In India they claim to be indian, in Malaysia they claim to be INDIAN too.

Class B: Indian Christian - Just like Michelle or whomever they are, never claim they are Whites. They are still 100% Indian. So you instead, must act proper, you're as if an Indian philosopher from outer space.

Class C: Punjabi - when do they think they're different? Just when do they think all Punjabis are Sikhs? All this while they accepted the fact that Punjabis are multi-religious and they never accepted to be under 'lain-lain'. They accepted the fact that those originated from the continent of India are all INDIAN.

I think you must be the joker who simply created stupid joke of the day to show that you're the champion of Indian community.


12:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous M. Rosario said...

Hi Tedev,

I perfectly agreed with you but I think you missed out one more point...

Class D: Outcast Indian: Those Indians who feels great condemning other Indians and yet claim themselves as 'champion' for Indian community.

11:52 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous E. Nirmala said...


A Great Hope for Indians.

I think you lost sight of the contributions of Indian Christian in Malaysia, so as from other Indians of different religious background too. You said "hypocritical attitude of Class A, Class B and Class C people" conduce disunity among Indian is not true at all. Jesus taught us to "love thy neighbor then thyself" help us to be as tolerance and respect for all living beings and things. Your denial of all these hurt us much, and please be more considerate and reconsider what you stated.

12:22 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Abel said...

Hindraf? What Hindraf??? Repent brothers, you lead to nowhere!

12:28 PM GMT+8  

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