Monday, December 17, 2007

Umno's Attorney-General Withdraws 'Attempted Murder' Charge Against Hindraf 31

Our esteemed Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, the principal legal adviser to the Government of Malaysia and Umno lackey extraordinaire without a backbone, today shamelessly withdrew the legally untenable charges of 'attempted murder' against the thirty-one persons who took part in a rally on November 25th at the Batu Caves temple to highlight government-sponsored racial discrimination.

He was also forced to drop all charges against five young students who were part of this group of 'potential murderers'. However the remaining twenty-six were charged today at the Klang Sessions Court for 'causing mischief and illegal assembly' and all of them pleaded guilty.

There was no doubt at all from the moment trumped-up charges were used to haul in the Hindraf 31, that the charges would not stick. The government unnecessarily invited public anger and international pressure upon itself by attempting to make a federal case out of a rally by deprived Indians who merely wished to express their anguish at being systematically marginalised by the Umno leadership. But the kerajaan perhaps stunned by the event itself and and in a fit of arrogance and anger decided to unwisely lash out without giving due credence to the validity of the rally's rationale. Call it reflex stupidity.

Overseeing this unforgivable travesty of justice was the spineless A-G who has unfortunately passed up on a great opportunity to set matters straight in our country. If only he had not thought about his own interest and welfare and had had the larger good of the country in mind, he would have put his foot down on politically motivated and inspired prosecution of persons who merely exercised their rights as citizens.

Instead he played the role of Umno's errand boy to the hilt, earning the gratitude of powerful umnoputeras. What more does Abdul Gani want to achieve? A Supreme Court judgeship after retirement as was done for another notorious lackey? Millions of RM as earnings from lucrative directorships of mega-companies?

If only he had acted to the conscience expected of a genuine Attorney-General, he would have at worst been berated by the likes of that trouble-maker Nazri or frowned upon by the leadership. Perhaps he and his family might have been subjected to extraneous pressures and political browbeating. But he would have made his mark in a country where there are millions of fawning sycophants but precious few heroes. History would have praised him as the courageous legal officer who stood for justice and who even in the face of adversity remained true to its cause. But alas!
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Blogger 恐怖分子面相学 said...

Kepala Otak bikin duit !!

3:50 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

I can't figure out whether Gani Patel is a bootlicker or hatchet man. Anyway he's probably gunning for a Federal Court Judge position after being AG.

5:56 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Adam Smith, the common sense thinker said...

Well people, u can know that this is another Sandiwara or Wayang in Malaysia. As a commoner who uses the brains, the government can't charge attempted murder due to the following reasons: -

a) The government can't prove the intention to murder ( that is the mala fide).

b) If 31 people want to kill a policeman, they might aswell kill him. Why did they not kill him, because he wasn't going to be killed. Again,how stupid the AG is.

3) If the 31 people going to kill, with what are they going to kill the policeman. The 31 people had no weapons.

4) If the 31 people going to kill the policeman, definitely, the other policemen would have stopped these people.

In a nutshell, Malaysian judiciary system is moving from secular to talibanisation where syariah law doesn't use the head.

I guess in the syariah law, u accidently hurt someone, it is known as murder, and the punishment, is to kill u by throwing stone. hahhahah. so stupid.

6:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Bulat said...

Patail? Is that a muslim name? I know 'Patel" is an Indian name. Shouldn't he be in MIC? I forget..only Tamil BOLEH masuk MIC! Getting old, lah! If you want Law in Malaysia, forget it. There is only rule BY LAW not rule of law.

7:21 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very clear evidence of abuse of power, intervention of judiciary. If the charge was truly so, why it can be dropped?? If the PM has the power to charge or drop any offence at his own whim and fancy, then, his is not acting according to the rule of law: No man is above the law. I am not saying the gang of 31 deserve the punishment, but why such child play???

8:13 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous artchan said...

hi anon 8 13,

it is not clear evidence of abuse of power..bla bla..


12:10 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Zena said...

The AG has violated two Articles of the Constitution according to Param Cumaraswamy. His letter in the Sun Daily:

AG should not appear4 before sessions court

While the AG legally has a right of audience before all courts in M'sia he should not personally appear for the prosecution before sessions and magistrate's courts.

The AG is a member of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission. This commission appoints, promotes and disciplines session judges and magistrates. These are provided for in Articles 138 and 144 of the Constitution.

His apearance before these judicial officers could be intimidating and as such could affect their independence and impartiality particularly when their promotions depend on the Ag being one of the members of the commission.

The court should not only be independent and impartial but also must be seen to be so particularly by those who appear before it.

The AG should therefore withdraw from personally appearing before the sessions court in Shah Alam in the trial of the 31 charged for offences arising from the Nov 25 Hindraf demonstration."

Param Cumaraswamy
former UN Rapporteur

Now who will take action against the ugly fat bloated AG who has forgotten what happened to his predecessor months after Anwar was jailed.

5:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Wayng Kulit show from AG.

hahahaha.. if he got good proof on his charges on HIndraf 'atempted murder' he would have gone all the way & gain his credit.

Yet Malaysia stil falls for this kind of wayang.

Producer - BN
Director - PM
Main ACtor - AG
Supporting actor - SV


4:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous patail said...

Hi bulat,

I also have suggestion for your 'asli' sound name - TOYOL - yeah..TOYOL TELANJANG BULAT.

1:15 PM GMT+8  

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