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"The Government Gives Equal Education Opportunities For All Races," Says Pak Lah. Is This True?

The government gives equal attention to all races in education to enable them to make useful contributions for the nation's well-being, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Sunday.

The prime minister said through education all races can enjoy quality life, with ample opportunities for a decent living and job prospects wide open.

Besides education, he said, the government also gave attention to the poor to help them redeem themselves from the clutches of poverty and to lead a better life.

"We also give equal attention to students, irrespective of race, as education is an invaluable asset to the nation, an important ingredient to the progress of our children and the Malaysian race.

"I hope our children will emerge successful and progressive students," he said when presenting excellence awards to high achievers of Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah in the Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency. (Bernama)
***** Our PM must truly believe that there is absolutely no discrimination in the way the government runs our education system. If he is right, then I must say that I have been misled all these years into thinking that there was a quota system in place and the choicest courses at varsities were dished out not on merit but on the basis of one's ethnic origin. Silly me. How wrong I had been.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that is a self denial but since they are in power, what can the minorities do? 80+% or maybe more for bumis in the local universities. Everyone knows that fact. Top scorers from other races are not guaranteed a place in local uni where they get so frustrated and are grabbed by our neighbouring uni..Then they(govt) start complaining about brain drain and questioning their patriotism...

10:40 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Emperer said...

I was one of the top SPM achiever in 1999. I applied for JPA scholarship, and I was denied. I am an Indian. I obtained straight As (10A1 and 1A2). Hence I studied locally. Whereelse, my Malay and Chinese collegeues who obtained lesser A1s were subsequently sent to UK and US. When I queried JPA, they said there is quota. Where got quota? I later found out, politicians children were sent overseas.

My question is, why must I pay tax in the future. I might as well stop paying tax, and save the money to send my GOODSELF to overseas.

My cousin, got 5As for STPM. He is Indian. He didn't get a place in any public university to do medicine. Instead they gave him forestry. Oh my god!!!! Whereelse a MAlays who studied in Matriculations and got 3.5 can get a place in University Malaya for Medicine.

MARA - Majlis Amanah Rakyat funds many Bumiputra's to overseas for education. Well it should be renamed Majlis Derma Untuk Bumiputra. MDUB. Infact, they give many scholarship only to Bumiputra.

Malays are also selfish. They say bumiputra, but they sapu 90% of the Bumi allocation.They give 10% to the Sabah and Sarawak bumiputra. Malays are opportunist by themselves.

Next, why no Indian are VC of any public universities. WE have so many qualified people like Professor Ramasamay. Why dont give a chance. But cannot, again, VC post is reserved for BUmi.

I think, it is better for me to go to Middle East, and be a citizen of Middle East and come and study in MAlaysia. Like that, I will be treated like God, coz the Malays think Arabs are Gods. They follow buta buta without thinking for themselves.

Another example would be Al-Azhar. Al azhar is no way ranked as a good university in the world. They may the oldest and prestigious in the Islamic World but they are crap in the commercial world. In fact I doubt, the quality of the Islamic graduates who are taught terrorism fundamentals.Why must we send our students to study in these places. Come back no work.

We might aswelf teach them Islam Hadhari in Malaysia. U c, the government not thinking. People who graduate from Al Azhar is good to send Malaysia back to stone age or maybe rule Kelantan, that is why mandur gile.

1:04 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Raja Bulu said...

I agree with Emperer.

If the government discriminate in education, then I have to help myself. I fund myself, by mortgaging my house to study in a good university. Then I any to recoup my investment. The loans have 10% interest rate. How am I going to pay with peanut salaries in Malaysia. SO I might as well stay back in overseas and payback

Then for Government to claim brain drain is bullshit.They never help, but they talk rubbish of brain drain.

I am also very curious. They say Malaysian universities are nor performing in the THES ranking. My question is simple, If the government is sending all their top students to overseas universities, how do u expect, the local universities to do well. The local universities would get 2nd grade students. Is the government stupid? or acting stupid? Common sense by Adam Smith can answer this question.

1:13 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Ebizman said...

After reading "emperer's" comment,I can see that the writer is in anger towards the GOV of MAS.He or She might have suffered a lot due to MAS' quota policy and so on.What can i say,it's sad to hear your story.
Your comment is useful,but the problem is you should be more careful with what you are writing.There's extreme hatred and anger in it.You are lucky if your comment is not spotted by any GOV officers you might be in HOT SOUP.
However,I appreciate and respect your bravery.

1:14 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SirKnight said...

What's so surprising about this official statement in the papers? Don't we get fed with this kinda stuff everyday?

I'm sorry, but I really must say this... MALAYSIANS ARE SOOOO STUPID!

Why the duck are we wasting good grocery money subscribing to mainstream papers like The Star, NSTP, Malay Mail, Utusan and Berita Harian to read their lies?

Aren't we a bit psychotic, paying government mouthpieces to feed us bullshXt? And then, based on their MISinformation, we'll again vote in (or sit at home and let in) a government that will soon send our living standards and EPF savings down the drain?

The only paper I bother to read nowadays is The Sun (not nearly as bad as the others) and online news sites (e.g., that dare to tell us the other side of the story.


You'll save quite a bit to help cover your next year's rising fuel costs too!

2:10 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous gofortruth said...

If I am not mistaken I read someway that Malaysia currently has more than 100000 unemployed ( or unemployable) graduates because they can't even speak a little English. This is the fruit ( or poison)of NEP.

Naturally the future policy will invariably involve trying to rid of those brainy non- bumis in order to create more employment opportunities for bumi graduates.

This latest from Pak Lah is nothing more than a talk show to attract votes from those naive non bumi citizens.

3:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous InEffective said...

Governance practices "Strategic Exclusion" in education opportunities. Racial engineering to control the supply of doctors, engineers, accountants etc.

Beyond that in the marketplace, via the instruments of rules, policies,and licenses they will exert control over the supply of such skillsets.

Do you wish to supply your tax dollars to your competitor ?
(what do you imagine capable people are doing ?)

Are you willing to compete for your rights ?
(Those who tradeoff their rights to buy peace and harmony will eventually end up with neither)

6:08 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous No more hope for idiots in the govn said...

So... based on all your comments, what's the best thing to do? Get out of this country... a country going down the drain b'cos it's being run my a bunch of idiots who only wants to protect their own pockets.

Run to a neighboring country like me :) I meet tons of Malaysians, from office workers to even magistrate in the small little red dot.

10:58 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Raja Munirah Raja Iskandar said...

Save Raja Munirah

11:10 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...


You are right! Malaysians are soooo stupid! We are "bitching" about how the Government is so unfair & how corrupted they are. Newsfalsh for all...we voted for them...that's why they are there!
For those Malaysians (who were old enough to vote) who did not vote in the last Elections, you should not say a thing as you have no "right" to make any noise.


I hope your cousin did not take the Forestery Course (what an insult!). I'm sure he could have got to do Medicine in Singapore. The NUS is still in the list of the Top 200 Universities in the world, unlike our Malaysian Universities!
In the past & I'm sure in the coming years, Singapore (& other countries like the US, Australia & UK) will continue to benefit from our (Malaysian) brain-drain. How sad but so true.

11:29 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

same as I said for Najib, I will ask Badawi to repeat what he said when he next goes to mosque to pray

1:14 PM GMT+8  

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