Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Anwar Ibrahim Detained By Immigration Officials

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was detained by immigration officials at the country's main airport on Tuesday before being cleared for entry, his lawyer said, amid complaints the government was harassing opposition politicians.

The former deputy prime minister had returned to the Malaysian capital from Istanbul via Singapore when he was stopped by the authorities, William Leong said.

"No grounds were given," Leong told Reuters. "There appears to have been some note which put the official on alert to stop him from coming in and to detain him until he obtained approval from the superior."

Leong said immigration officials later gave Anwar clearance to enter, adding he would be allowed to leave soon.

In the Malaysian capital on Tuesday, dozens of policemen blocked the main entrance to the parliament building to foil an opposition-led rally demanding free and fair elections.

Riot police, armed with batons and shields and backed by a water cannon, took positions close to the parliament while vehicles passing through were checked.
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Updates on Bersih rally: Police detained PKR treasurer Khalid Ibrahim at the road in front of Parliament this morning as he was leaving the area.

Massive traffic jams in KL and on the roads leading into the city due to the Bersih gathering.

From Reuters India:
Malaysia detains Anwar, arrests Indian lawyer.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was Anwar released while Tian Chua and Mat Sabo arrested?

Anyone know?

1:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? No more black eyes for the former DPM?

8:21 PM GMT+8  

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