Thursday, November 15, 2007

Education Ministry To 'Boost' Race Ties Via E-Portal. Abandoning Racist Policies Is More Effective

Just look at the innocence and inquisitiveness of the children in the above photo taken from today's NST.

Isn't it sad to know that some of these kids will grow up experiencing racial discrimination their entire life just because they were born into the 'wrong' ethnic group? Through no fault of their own from a very young age they will be made to realise the one pivotal difference between them and the 'others' which is far more significant than the superficial dissimilarities of complexion and facial features.

Perhaps understanding the great harm that has been done to national unity, the government through the education ministry wants to introduce a project under the e-Integrasi, Students' Integration Plan for Unity. The ostensible objective of the programme is to encourage students to make friends with students of other races to teach them to understand and respect each other's cultures and traditions.

No matter how genuine the ministry's desire may be, there is simply no bridging the divide if the Malay politicians ruling the country refuse to accept reality and continue blindly espousing and practising racist policies solely intended to keep them in power.

How can artificial and unpractical methods such as this e-Integrasi portal project work when even little children are not spared the rabid race politics of our pemimpin? As these kids grow up and begin to comprehend the biasness which they have experienced on a daily basis, their distrust and suspicion of others become magnified and the resulting polarisation which must inevitably occur, merely compounds the problem.

Disparate groups can co-exist harmoniously. Of that there is no doubt. Sadly in the case of Malaysia our government is especially guilty of obstinately refusing to allow true ethnic integration and concord and in the process our leaders have seriously endangered the future wellbeing of our nation. They have unconscionably mortgaged our national unity in exchange for uninterrupted rule of this once fair land of ours. So sad.

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Anonymous moo_t said...

E-Intergrasi? I though it is $-Intergra$i. Guess how many "graduates" will be hire to build the poorly maintain government website.

Actually I welcome them to do it. Once the children touch google and wikipedia, where they will find the ugly face of nationalism, patriotism. A point that they can't turn back. ;)

11:27 AM GMT+8  
Blogger team bsg said...

Its great to read that the gomen is still very consistent in its "blunders and plunders and bluffs" which incredibly , always get through and reach its intended target audience & meet national( and mass personal ) objectives like clockwork precision which is (among other things) to be voted into controlling power , yet again !

Syabas ! Impeccable Management Gurus call this noteworthy achievement a strategically tactically brilliant move !

No wonder Malaysia Boleh thrives and those thieves are world class role models

12:46 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i commend you on writing on something most of 'the other' races know, yet too chicken to say so. heck, the fact that u hardly get any comments, yet get thousands of visits a day tells us how democratic this country is, and how chicken we've become thru years of intimidation. n i noted that a certain 'opposition' blogger gets lots of comments bc people assume they r safe because of her 'links'. we sure are democratic. we the people whom the government should be serving and not the other way around.

10:07 AM GMT+8  

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