Monday, November 12, 2007

Which Crook Selected This Arrogant Lowlife?

Two phone calls from his bosses, an empty stomach and poor time management saw the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) president abruptly end a public hearing last Wednesday. Adnan Md. Ikhsan was chairing a meeting to hear public objections on a proposed commercial development in SS15.

Turning up an hour late, he proceeded to vet the attendees, talked about "compromise" and advised them how to conduct themselves. The meeting held on Deepavali eve was scheduled for 10.30am but started at 11.37am. Adnan, who said he had four meetings before that, started the session by trying to get uninvited residents to leave the conference room.

This prompted residents to ask why only 16 of the 31 who submitted forms to be invited to the hearing were allowed in. Quoting the Town and Country Planning Act 1976, Adnan said only those living within 20m of the proposed development could attend. When it was brought to his attention that the council was giving up a community hall without offering an alternative, the council chief spent 20 minutes educating the residents on "give and- take and the virtues of compromise".

"Before we start the session, there must be trust, honesty and fairness," he said. It was then that his cell-phone rang – a call from Housing and Local Government Ministry secretary-general Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail – who was MPSJ’s first president – who had been alerted that residents were kept waiting.

"I am sorry for starting so late. I had four meetings before this. I have not even had a drink!" Adnan said after the call. "I can’t just cancel the previous meetings. I can’t ask them to go home although their time was up," he explained.

He also revealed that he had to cram so many meetings into one day as "I want to finish everything fast before I go on leave next week".

As a resident was presenting his case, Adnan told him to "simplify it because we are running out of time". He caught some by surprise when he appeared unsure of what project was being discussed, asking his officers: "Ada balai raya ke?" He then corrected the residents and explained that balai raya was smaller, while they were referring to a dewan serbaguna (multipurpose hall).

"There is a difference. Dewan is bigger." The meeting ended after Adnan received another phone call – this time from Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan. It was after this call that Adnan lost his cool when a resident chided him for his lack of focus and the constant interruptions on his cell phone. "What do you want me to do? That was the KSU and the KSN. Of course when my bosses call, I have to leave the room.

"I am feeling very hot now and I’m not comfortable with this discussion. I propose that we postpone the meeting to a later date. I’m sorry. I am also human. I also have feelings," he said. When those present objected, he said "Is it fair to me? I want to hear from you, but you see it differently.

"I want to move to another room so that only those invited will be let in. I cannot ask those uninvited who are seated to leave. It won’t be appropriate," he said and left at 12.10pm after shaking hands with some residents. (By Terence Fernandez and Geraldine Choong - The Sun)

Not only are our pemimpin generally considered woefully substandard, even the civil servants are as mediocre as their bosses. The Indon immigrant, Toyol must be extremely proud of his selection. Malaysia Boleh!
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As a voter, I cannot THINK of ONE good reason to vote for Barisan Nasional and their stooges, scums and poltergeists!!!

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