Sunday, November 11, 2007

Zainuddin Maidin Lies Through His Teeth

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin has refuted satellite television station Al Jazeera's claim that police had used force on hundreds of protesters here today.

He told the station that police had tried to disperse the protesters by using water cannons as the gathering was illegal. "When they refused to disperse, the police allowed them to march to Istana Negara to hand over a memorandum demanding for a clean and fair election.

"The police managed to handle the situation as best they could," he said over the phone in a live interview by Al Jazeera here.

He was responding to the illegal assembly organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections or "Bersih" comprising 26 non-governmental organisations and which also involved opposition parties, to hand over the memorandum containing their demands, to Istana Negara.

Asked why Malaysia did not allow such gatherings, Zainuddin said they were unnecessary because general elections had been held without fail in this country and according to the scheduled dates.

The minister also hit out at Al Jazeera for having the wrong perception when posing questions.

Al Jazeera reporters had their own perceptions about Malaysia before coming here, he said, adding that "Malaysia is not Myanmar or Pakistan; it is a democratic country".

Zainuddin said many television viewers in Malaysia were laughing at the antics of the Al Jazeera reporter who seemed to be trying to portray the situation as ugly. "The reporter was seen shouting, so much so the situation seemed unreal to the viewers."

He also criticised Al Jazeera for only interviewing journalists known to be pro-opposition but not getting the government's views. (Bernama)

***** Lord Zam said, "
general elections had been held without fail in this country and according to the scheduled dates." What he did not comment about was the fraud perpetrated by the ruling party with the active connivance of the boot licking Election Commission in every G.E. over the past few decades.

Zam also denied that the cops used force on the peaceful assembly. Then how would he wish to explain
this video?

"Malaysia is not Myanmar or Pakistan; it is a democratic country," says the info-dictator. Only those in Umno will believe that poppycock claim. Most of the population is convinced that with the strategy the government employed in handling this issue, we are far, far away from being termed or even considered a true democracy. A 'shamocracy' is more accurate a description.

And for the information of this pathological liar called Zam, the people were not laughing at the Al Jazeera reporter. Why should they? He was after all depicting the truth. But right now they are guffawing at the pathetic lies spun by this aging and decrepit Umno warhorse who should have been put to pasture years ago.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are not another Myanmar or Pakistan, but we are certainly heading that way if nothing is done to stop the rot!!!

4:01 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does he even understand the word 'democracy' when the fundamental tenets of democracy includes press freedom and the right to a peaceful gathering?

5:21 PM GMT+8  
Blogger muststopthis said...

this joke of a minister we have!
The role of the governmwnt to blind and mute the rakyat is an act of betrayal! The rakyat has woken up. its time for change!
4k people, thats the official figure! For fooks sake! Get real! If they can mobilise the police for thaipusam, why not this? AAB and his cohorts have been fooking us for too long. . .

9:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous BrightEyes said...

To be honest, the police didn't beat the protesters... the protesters hit the FRUs batons' with their heads!

11:56 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let the sleeping dog LIE. He is right, this is a DEMON-CRATIC country whereby DEMO-cratic is not allowed. He barks, remember, so no one really knows what he is growling. Every dog has its day and looks like he will be picking up the last bone soon, otherwise voters should send him to the old dogs' home to nurse his election wounds.

Don the Key

11:26 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ys, i was laughing but at this moronic ZAM. He is a disgrace to the nation with his histroinics.

12:04 PM GMT+8  

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