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Is PKR's Loss In Ijok A Rejection Of Anwar?

Apparently the Prime Minister thinks so, when he said that the Barisan Nasional victory in the Ijok state by-election today proves that the people reject Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and its adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. "PKR had attempted to use Ijok as a model to show that the people wanted a change and would go for the opposition as the alternative but they were disappointed because the BN remained the people's choice," Pak Lah added.

One cannot easily refute his conclusion and nor can one begrudge him his confidence in the BN. The ruling party has won and the verdict given by the people of Ijok is there for everyone to see. All that remains is for those involved and interested to ask what had happened to the expected Keadilan onslaught. Over the next few days we can expect various 'analyses' on this subject to be plastered all over the media. Strangely, despite being researched and evaluated by 'experts' in the field, as usual there will be diametrically opposed findings.

As for Anwar Ibrahim, I don't think that he should be written-off so quickly. History is replete with examples of sensational comebacks from situations of extreme despondency and hopelessness. And realistically he is nowhere near the precipice yet. The fact that the entire Barisan leadership was shaken to the core by the presence of Anwar in Ijok, not to mention the fear, trepidation and sleepless nights his speeches caused is a reflection of the influence and respect that he still enjoys among large sections of the population.

Anwar as a leader and as a person is too big to be vanquished by a small setback such as the Ijok by-election result. If there is to be good governance in future by the Barisan, we must have a strong counterweight to their power. In the personality based politics of Malaysia, that role at present can only be filled by Anwar. Not even Dr Mahathir at this point in time can effectively play that part. Whatever said and done, despite any misgivings about Anwar's actions while in government, in the eyes of the non-Malays he is still a leader who is respected and largely acceptable. For the Malays he is a rallying point for those unhappy or disappointed with Umno's misdeeds. That itself makes him unique in the Malaysian political scene.

On the upside even after winning in Ijok, the BN will never take for granted that future elections will have an equally happy ending. They will look behind their backs and to the left and right to see if Anwar Ibrahim is watching and wonder what the charismatic leader's next move will be. Our best guarantee of seeing an honest and transparent BN government is their constant fear of being checkmated in this continuing game of political chess.

Read here the Bernama report on Pak Lah's statements: BN Victory In Ijok Proof People Reject Anwar, PKR, Says PM.
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Blogger Mr. Right said...

Congratulation to all opposition leaders and activist, thanks to you guys a lot of Ijok folks walking with smile in their face since BN 'donate' millions of ringgit into their small town.

I just hope they will be no by-election before general election, if not again, portion of my tax paying will be wasted, or maybe if there any by-election (God will), make it around Johor or N9, since BA have no chance what so ever there and they will boycott the by-election.


2:12 PM GMT+8  
Blogger ideas incredible said...

i think it was a close fight.
and with all that machinery, BN won.
but PKR has failed to get Indian votes.
And Anwar may continue but his reputation is definitely injured.

2:59 PM GMT+8  
Blogger davors said...

it's ok that an opposition is rejected...

but it is sad when a rotten gov is accepted by the locals...

good luck to opposition in the coming ge...

3:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Despite the crooks unbeatable-
Those creepy clods unseatable-
With dirty deals despicable-
That make the voters trickable-

Despite folks made insensible-
From views incomprehensible-
In speeches unendurable-
By party hacks incurable-

Despite campaign regrettable-
With promises forgettable-
Despite the rumors spreadable-
Khalid got 40.1% Incredible!

(With apology to MAD Bathroom Companion)

6:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small town people could not see big things and easily influenced.
Let them decide their own destiny.

7:12 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha, a good 'buy' election. I hope to have another soon in Penang. Everything sprang up overnight !!!

7:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever we do, we hope to win. But to win, we must win with pride. BN has won, not only without pride, but with shame!

How many Millions of Taxpayers' money did they use to buy voters heart? When BN built a bridge in Sarawak, it took them 30 years to turn it into reality. They spend that amount of money for 2-3 buy-election.

May be we should hope our Reps will 'go' half way into their terms, so we can get some of our money back (& must be where DAP or PKR hasve influence).

Keep it up PKR & Anwar.

8:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lately by-elections are more effective in bringing prosperity in a constituency, not the general election. MPs' and ADUNs' should always serve the people to their best ability all the time, not only before the by-election. Anyway,congrats BN for Ijok!!!

11:24 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can anybody call it 'reject' when close to 5000 voters voted for PKR?

11:49 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister has the right to make his judgement no matter how stupid it sounded. It's just rhetorics, as usual. Losing an election to him can appear like rejecting the leader. But this is a paradoxical world. To those are rejected, they refuse to leave. For those whom the people want, they are never elected or appointed. That's democracy for you. If the PM is so damned sure, hold a public referendum to ascertain his own popularity to see how many agree to his premiership.

2:44 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not PKR loss, it's the nation's loss. It's not rejecting Anwar but the rejection of a healthy political culture and its democratic values. Sick birds of a feather do flock together. Gullible voters who fall head over heels by dubious generosity of the mighty and powerful can easily be betrayed. The saddest aspect of Malaysian life is that politicians gathers power faster than society gathers wisdom.

5:11 PM GMT+8  

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