Monday, October 30, 2006

Khir Toyo's Desperate Damage Control Bid.

You've got to hand it to this Indon migrant's son. He knows when the chips are down and how to simply bluff his way through all his deeds of omission and commission. At least that's what he thinks.

The puny dentist put up his press secretary to issue a statement, a barefaced lie of a statement, that the Selangor government had been sincere and on the ball regarding the whole sordid Zakaria affair. The bugger came out with a clarification over the 'assumption' that it had remained inactive in the case of a controversial mansion built in Klang until after its owner had met the sultan last Saturday on a palace order.

According to this 'penjelasan' the state government had asked Datuk Zakaria Md Deros, owner of the mansion built without approval from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK), to step down as an MPK councillor before the request was made public as well as before Zakaria's audience with Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. Zakaria had also been asked to inform the sultan during the audience of his impending resignation as an MPK councillor, it said.

The utterly false statement further lied that the matter was not made public at that time because the state government wanted to give Zakaria the opportunity to act in the interests of the people and the state and resolve the issue without embarrassing anyone. But when Zakaria failed to act as instructed, the state government had to come out with the announcement!! What kind of bullshitting is this? Does Toyo take us for fools? Maybe he does. After all some of our idiots actually went and actively participated in the Selangor 'developed state' celebrations.

Today's statement also said that the state government had decided that no more than two relatives will be allowed to hold posts as councillors of local councils at any one time. It said candidates for the posts of councillors would be screened to ensure that they did not owe the councils any arrears in assessment rates or any other payment whatsoever. The statement said all councillors have been given two months to settle any arrears in payments. But this was not the tune that Toyo was singing last week. Then he was cocksure about himself and did not expect the Sultan to directly intervene. This was reinforced by the PM's decision to leave it to Toyo to deal with Zakaria. He seemed so emboldened and openly became the apologist-in-chief for Zakaria.

Now Toyo in order to save his butt passes around the blame like free candy, implicating the police and the ACA when the statement said that the appointment of councillors in Selangor was made after the candidates had undergone tight screening by the police and Anti-Corruption Agency to ensure the appointed councillors were people of integrity and responsibility. Basically he has kept himself in the clear by saying, "maaf bradder tapi ACA dan polis yang approve Si Zakaria ini, bukan saya."

There are a few more blatant lies and falsehoods in the 'damage control statement' forced upon his press secretary by the despicable MB. You can read the entire litany of the bluffmaster's untruths here.

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Anonymous Robin Goodfellow said...

Ah! Nothing is more enjoyable than watching UMNO Selangor engaging in good old fashioned propaganda. Yes, sirree. Next thing you know, Khir Toyol will publish his very own newspaper (The Lallang Street Journal) and, heaven forbid, even his own TV show (The Late Show with Khir Toyol - Live from Pandaraman and sponsored by your friendly neighbourhood satay restaurant, DZ Restaurant!).

By the way, did I mention ya all look good in Gucci?

10:29 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived in the states for close to 10years now. Reading the happenings in Malaysia is most of the time hillarious. What a farce ! I wonder how much a councilman makes in a year to afford building a 4 storey house! Is there no such thing as auditing the politicians, government budgets, open-tenders etc ? Where do they obtain the $$$ to purchase land and foreign imported cars? Our beloved politicians can ball out comments to other countries but sadly the politicians have yet to clean their act.

Nepotism to the max. It's good to become a political figure so that ALL his/her family members can share in the "profit" too. Much to the dismay of the RAKYAT. Oh, not to mentioned that one cannot say things openly in fear of being singled out or worst, arrested by the ISA.

How my heart saddens to know that our elected representatives have made Malaysia into a land of blatant corruption, inequality and ignorance.

Anonymous in fear of reprecussions!! LOL

2:55 AM GMT+8  
Blogger FIFTH COLUMN said...

And everyone will vote for him again come election time. Really guys, malaysians have short memories. no worries.

10:57 AM GMT+8  

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