Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Palang On Salang's Report Card.

Bernama headline today: Criticism On Pak Lah No Impact On M'sia's Image Abroad - Salang.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's persistent criticism of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's leadership has no impact on Malaysia's image overseas, says Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Joseph Salang. This can mean one of two things. Either the former PM's tirades don't matter to the outside world or the image of the country is already so bad that this 'skeletons in the closet' exhibition by the Tun is not going to make a difference!

He said neither did it have any bearing on Malaysia's ties with other countries. Salang said leaders of countries whom he had met so far are not worried over the misunderstanding between the two leaders. "To them the spat between the two are personal matters," he told reporters after attending a dinner to raise funds to renovate and extend the St John's Anglican Church here last night.

Salang said: "This is the Foreign Ministry's view. As far as the leaders are concerned Abdullah's position as prime minister is not threatened since he has been duly elected and won the last general election with overwhelming majority." In fact, many foreign leaders praised Malaysia for its political stability, he said.

Also, foreign investors did not feel insecure over the latest development in the country, he said. "Nevertheless, the sooner the spat can be resolved between the two leaders, the better it is for the country in a lot of ways. "It is among Malaysians that the criticisms are evoking all kinds of thoughts and reactions.

**** Even a political pipsqueak like Salang wants his two pesos worth of opinion on the subject! Who is he to say what foreign leaders think about the spat? He's only a deputy minister at Wisma Putra and even our Foreign Minister doesn't have that kind of access to Heads of Government to give an accurate assessment of their take on this Malaysian-style public washing of dirty pakaian dalam.

Foreign ministry part-timers which politicians are and who come and go like the jerebu should not take it upon themselves to pronounce on happenings not within their competence and purview. Persons who don't know the difference between an Ambassador and a High Commissioner should be cautious and measured when giving opinions.

The full Bernama report here.


Anonymous Robin Goodfellow said...

Well, Malaysian, I have to say that I am in agreeance with the man in question. Although I do not claim to be a high ranking foreign official, I do note that the BBC and CNN are no longer focusing on the current spat between Dr. M and Pak Lah, unlike the past few months to the point of interviewing both of them in the same programme, like CNN did.

Believe or not, even the residents of the White House, Downing Street, Zhongnanhai, Blue House et cetera still look towards these major newsmedia providers for updates as well as the rest of us. So, I would give Datuk Joseph Salang credit where it is due.

So unless Pak Lah does a Secret Speech stunt ala Khruschev, or Dr. M pulls out of his hat an UMNO Brezhnev this coming November, you are quite right in stating that,

"...that this 'skeletons in the closet' exhibition by the Tun is not going to make a difference!"

6:11 PM GMT+8  
Blogger patriot said...

Malaysians in general do not believe nor give any credit to Mahathir's allegations. People see his true colours through and through by now. As time goes on he will not be able to pose any danger to our political stability. On this count, Salang may be right.

4:09 PM GMT+8  

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