Friday, September 08, 2006

Tough Guy Tan Sri Musa Hassan Shows Soft Human Side.

Incoming Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan demonstrated Friday that cops, while they can be tough, are human too. He was overcome with emotion when speaking to express his thanks to retiring IGP Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Omar at a ceremony to hand over duties.

Musa, who assumes the No. 1 job next Tuesday, stopped for a moment midway through his speech, and at the end immediately hugged Mohd Bakri. "Well, he is my boss," was his reply when asked afterwards why he was overcome with emotion.

He also said that he had learned a lot from Mohd Bakri who, he added, had taught him a lot about being a good policeman. Musa said Mohd Bakri was a hard working policeman who had brought much improvement to the image and performance of the police.

Mohd Bakri wanted to bring many changes to the police department so that the police would continue to be respected by the public, he said, adding that Mohd Bakri wanted to improve the quality of service by giving opportunities for low-ranking policemen to pursue tertiary education.

Meanwhile, Mohd Bakri said he was thankful for the all the good things, including his health. He joined the force on Jan 1, 1971, and was appointed the IGP three years ago.

**** This episode reminds me of the tearful farewell that Dr Mahathir got when he retired. And see what's happening to him now! One thing for sure is that after the Mahathir controversy which is going on, Bakri won't be coming back often to Police HQ. He can't be too sure how ex-bosses would be treated in our country anymore.


Blogger perlisan said...

It seemed like our neighbour Philippinos respect their ex-bosses (eg. Mr. Fidel Ramos) more than we do?
My Philippino friends told me that their army personnel still very much respect their retired Generals.

9:11 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

perlisan, actually I was purposely being a little cynical in my post. In truth our former leaders and ex-bosses are treated much better than in most countries. Dr Mahathir's case is an exception and frankly he asked for it.

11:44 AM GMT+8  

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