Thursday, September 07, 2006

Backbencher MPs Squabble Over Traffic Fine Reduction!

The hallowed halls of Parliament became the great wrangling ground for our venerated and distinguished Members of Parliament who proved their full worth of taxpayers money when they engaged in a slanging match over the move by police to slash traffic fines, expressing differing views on the matter.

Some MPs supported the move, describing it as "people-friendly", while others opposed it, saying the police did not understand the government's policy to reduce road accidents.

Newspapers front-paged a report on Tuesday that traffic police was slashing for the first time traffic fines up to 70 per cent for various offences effective Monday. In announcing the reduction, Internal Security and Public Order director Datuk Mustafa Abdullah said it was to ease offenders' financial burden in the face of fuel price hike and to instil the culture of settling traffic summonses.

However, the cabinet, at its weekly meeting Wednesday, reversed the decision and directed the police to defer the plan. It ordered Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy to hold immediate talks with the Internal Security Ministry, the police and the Road Transport Department.

Among the 'people-friendly' MPs who supported the reduction in fines was Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) who said the reduction was an effort to help the people tide over the burden of increased prices of essentials. "Now, everything has gone up... to me, the move by the police is justified. Why the Transport Ministry is meddling in it?" he asked. Mohamed said he viewed the police move as implementing the "people-friendly" approach, and the government must protect police dignity by respecting their decision. He said Chan's move to bring up the matter to the cabinet and influence the ministers was not in line with the Prime Minister's aspiration to help the people and offer "people-friendly" services.

Another 'rakyat-friendly' MP was 'close-one-eye' Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin) who said that the police decision to slash the fines was appropriate and welcomed by the people. "This is a people-friendly move," he added. He said the reduction would pave the way for increased settlement of summonses as people would come forward to pay their dues given the reduced and affordable amounts.

Aaahh how wonderful we have such people-loving gentlemen whose only reason for having become MPs is to sacrifice their time and talent attending long sessions in Parliament and working 24/7 for the upliftment of the public. Such sacrifice, such unselfishness! For them the rakyat comes first. Nothing else.

They will dismiss with contempt any fancy ideas of respecting the law or any such outmoded views like that given by Razali Ibrahim (BN-Muar) who said that every law enacted must be fully enforced and offenders must be punished. "To me, this is not a question of finance...just don't commit traffic offences. If the fines can fluctuate, I am afraid people out there will equate this with the fluctuating prices of goods," he said. The fines imposed on traffic offenders must be in accordance with the law and and not according to whims, he added.

Thank God we still have Members of Parliament like YB Razali Ibrahim.


Blogger toniXe said...

mayb its time to arbitrarily and popularly slash personal income tax, I m sure many people including close 1 eye will jump 4 joy

8:51 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Singh said...

This squabble between the Police and the MOT brings to light a pertinent matter that has become a concern in Malaysia - an inefficient administration or the deterioration of the administration bequeth from the British.
Administrators are no longer free to implement measures that they feel are necessary or relevant at a particular time. Govt. servants cannot enforce the law without being cajoled to close an eye. MITI officers cannot be trusted to issue APs professionally ? Now the Police cannot decide unilaterally to solve the overhanging unpaid summons issue ?
There should be less meddling from politicians in the administration so that administrators know they are trusted to carry out the job without fear or favor.
The rape of the administration now ?

9:28 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

'close one eye' and his partners in slime will be delirious, tonixe.
As usual singh, I benefit from your considered opinions. Politicians are meddling, no doubt about that. The other question is the credibility of the civil service itself and can we trust them to take the right decisions.

10:05 AM GMT+8  

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