Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PM's Wake-Up Call To Elected Reps. But They Are In Hibernation, Pak Lah!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave a wake-up call to elected representatives who might be slacking in their duties. “I know the wakil rakyat (people’s representatives) who are active and those who are not. You don’t know that I know,” he said.

Abdullah said elected representatives had a responsibility to know not only the problems and needs of the people in their constituency, but also the development projects in the area. This was to ensure that there were no abandoned projects which cause anger and disappointment to the people.

He reminded elected representatives to fulfil the promises they made to the people before they were elected. He stressed that the wakil rakyat must fulfil their responsibilities although there were times when the people did not agree with what they did.

“The role of an elected representative is very challenging. There are times when we may be scolded or criticised,” he said.

**** That call by the PM must have caused a few balls to shiver. Especially the part where he said almost ominously, "you don’t know that I know." It is high time that the leadership checked on these reps who come begging during election time and then do the disappearing act. They probably feel that having been elected, the first priority is to feather their own nests. Since man's greed knows no limits, their entire term is spent looking for and making use of opportunities in this nefarious feathering activity. If they still have some spare time, then they 'devote' that precious period, to look into less important matters like constituents and their problems.

But we the ordinary citizens are not supposed to know this. Therefore we innocently presume that the Yang Berhormat, like some animals, are hibernating in some cold, cosy place. Actually theirs is a cushy job. No qualifications, no educational requirements, not even a passing acknowledgement from them that they are just and upright men. All they need is the blessings of a couple of state leaders, the ability to talk in public, spout the usual bangsa, agama dan negara mantra, angkat as many party bosses as they can and crush any sign of competition from upstarts. After that life is set for five years. Cukup lah!


Anonymous Class F Contractor said...

This wakil rakyats are big crooks. They ask from class F contractor many donations and favours and in the end they sapu what they can get. They dont help people only themselves. Pak Lah should kick them out and change to some good leaders.

5:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be they state assemblymen or MPs unless there is proper supervision by the higher-ups efficiency will go down. It is the same as in a government office or company. No use blaming them alone.

7:19 PM GMT+8  
Blogger perlisan said...

I may be pessimistic, but looking at our "sleeping" PM's performance for the past three years, I strongly believe that these wakil rakyats will not heed his so called warnings. If not mistaken, I think he has given similar advice quite some time ago.

With a weak & indecisive PM, these wakil rakyat (or monkeys?) will run wild. Just look at the various huge complaints we see in the news media, TVs & internet and U will know what I mean.

Our PM never "walk the talk", who will listern? He may have high "ambitions" but for God knows what his reason that he has a very weak heart to implement it. So promise after promise (or warnings after warnings) but very little will happen. Don't believe? Just watch it.

11:32 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

class f contractor, I didn't know that they hassled you chaps as well. I was under the impression that you all had a good thing going.
anonymous, agree with you. Lack of supervivsion is one cause. However these guys are not kids who should be watched over by others. Speaks volumes about the quality though.
perlisan, I too feel that they are not going to heed the PM's call. We'll have to wait and see how Pak Lah reacts later.

11:54 AM GMT+8  

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