Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Malaysian Astronauts. The Great Hype Has Already Started!

Only a day has elapsed since the potential Malaysian candidates to blast-off into space were named. The two are Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, 34, a medical officer with Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Kapten Dr Faiz Khaleed, 26, a dental surgeon with the Malaysian Defence Forces. But the government, capitalising on the feel good sentiment that the selection would surely evoke especially among the Malays, has already started hyping the event.

Malaysians will be able to watch its first astronaut rocket into space on Sept 2 next year once plans to show the historic event live on local television are finalised, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Dr Jamaludin Jarjis said Tuesday.

The ministry and the Russian authorities were in discussion to beam live the astronaut's journey aboard the Russian space launcher Soyuz 2 to the international space station (ISS), as part of a programme to celebrate Malaysia's 50th Merdeka Day celebration next year, he told reporters here.

What efficiency!! If the government were to be so proactive in implementing other decisions affecting the public, we shall be the luckiest citizens in the world. The way the announcement was made at warp speed shows that there must have been contingency plans for a live telecast, a year from now, with the rider I suppose, only if the 'correct' candidates were selected. This super-efficient response clearly illustrates that our moribund authorities can, if they want to, rise like a phoenix from the ashes of inept, tidak apa attitudes and negligence.

However in this case the government has a lot to gain in the way of reflected glory. Over the next one year be prepared to listen to a lot of bunkum from opportunists, about reaching for the stars, the sky is not the limit and accounts of unparalleled heroism with liberal sprinkling of words like bangsa, maruah, tak hilang dari dunia etc, etc.

Let the theatrics begin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good analysis and accurate prediction of events ahead. Even if they get to read your post they will not feel ashamed and would continue in the path of seeking publicity. Prideless lot.

7:46 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous flowerinthedesert said...

what else is new, eh?

8:05 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

anonymous, thanks. At all costs the government will try to get as much favourable exposure for itself from the achievements of these two astronauts. The two men deserve all the credit and praise, not anyone else, especially some undeserving minister.
flowerinthedesert, thanks for popping in. Yes, what else is new! The same modus operandi, with a change of cast now and then.

10:56 AM GMT+8  

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