Monday, September 04, 2006

Habitual Traffic Offenders Enjoy!

The rise in oil prices and the need to cultivate a culture of paying traffic fines have caused the traffic police to reduce compounds by as much as 70 per cent.

Internal Security and Public Order Director, Datuk Mustafa Abdullah said, from today, summonses issued will be lower than before. "However, traffic offenders who received their summonses earlier must pay according to the old rates to avoid legal complications," he told reporters at his office at Bukit Aman here, Monday. However, there would be no reduction for serious offences such as fatal accidents, drunken driving, underage driver, irresponsible and dangerous driving, no insurance and illegal racing.

The amount of compounds for those on whom warrants of arrest had been issued is double the amount of offer but not exceeding RM300. Mustafa said, the new rates would be maintained if the response from the public was good.

Asked whether the reduction would encourage more motorists to break rules, he said this depended on the people's perception. "However, this move would enable us to stop wasting energy by carrying on Ops Warta and going after offenders against whom warrants of arrest have been issued or who have failed to pay old summonses," he said.

Furthermore, there would be no more need for offenders to ask for reductions because the amount they have to pay was already low, he added.

He also said, motorists could refer to their summonses through SMS addressed to Dapat or 32728 using the "saman alert" system.

To subscribe to Saman alert, one must type POLIS SAMAN, space, and followed by the vehicle number.

The following offences can be paid according to the new rates:

* Accidents, except those that cannot be compounded. The earlier rate for all types of vehicles was RM300. The current rates are for buses and lorries (RM200), car, taxi, van, and 4WD (RM150) and motorcycle (RM100).

* Speeding for which the earlier compound was RM150. Now, for lorries and buses (RM90), car, taxi, van and 4WD (RM70) and motorcycles (RM50).

* Not wearing seat belts.
Earlier for taxis, RM150, van RM80, car RM70. Now RM50 for all types.

* For not wearing crash helmets, the compound is reduced from RM70 to RM30.

* Illegal "U" turn, dangerous overtaking, overtaking at lines, and driving along emergency lanes, the rates for buses and lorries reduced from RM200 to RM90 while for cars, taxis, vans, and 4WD reduced from RM100 to RM50.

* For beating traffic lights, the compound is for lorries and buses RM 200, for cars, taxis, vans, 4WD RM150 while for motorcycles RM100.

* Using handphones while driving, the old rates were for buses and lorries RM200, cars, vans, taxis and 4WD RM100 while for motorcycles RM70. The new rates are lorries and buses RM90 while for cars, taxis, vans, 4WD RM70 and RM50 for motorcycles.

* Not giving way before turning, the old rates for lorries and buses were RM200 while for cars, vans, taxis and 4WD RM100 and RM70 for motorcycles. The new rates are for lorries and buses RM90, for cars, taxis, vans and 4WD RM70 and RM50 for motorcycles.

* Not having driving licence and not displaying road tax: The old rates were RM150 for lorries and buses and RM80 for cars, taxis, vans, and 4WD while for motorcycles RM70. The new rates are RM90 for lorries and buses, cars, taxis, vans and 4WD RM70 and motorcycles RM30.

**** Not much of good news there for the conscientious, caring and careful driver is there? That's life!


Blogger H J Angus said...

This is the type of practice that encourages recalcitrant motorists.

It also signals that the police cannot or will not enforce the laws consistently.

7:09 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Well said Angus. And thanks for that excellent post on the subject at your blog, Malaysia Watch. Keep those good posts coming.

8:07 PM GMT+8  
Blogger perlisan said...

This is a clear admission of the police that they have lost their battle to collect outstanding fines. I wonder how many motorists would bother to pay their old summons now??

12:04 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinks who will pay their summons. Perhaps the police should reduce the rate for old summons and increase the rate for new offences.

3:48 PM GMT+8  

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