Sunday, August 27, 2006

Khairy Should Clarify 'Chinese' Remark Says Pak Lah.

The Prime Minister finally came out clearly on the side of accountability for one's actions, when he in no uncertain terms said that his son-in-law and Umno Youth deputy head Khairy Jamaluddin should himself clarify his statement that is said to have offended the Chinese community.

"The statement has been made. I do not know what he had actually said but this is a matter that Khairy himself has to respond to and clarify," he said. He added that Khairy could explain the actual meaning of his statement, which might differ from what had been reported in the media.

The PM also reminded BN leaders to exercise caution when making statements lest they give rise to misunderstanding. "A cautious approach is most important because in the BN we have parties that represent the various communities and when any sensitive statement is made they will surely react to such a statement," he said.

The foolish remarks in the speech made by Khairy is actually a blessing in disguise for the BN. The practice of playing to the gallery by politicians of most component parties, especially during party meetings, has now been brought into the open. It has been discussed by the parties concerned, the media and the public. The PM himself has said that caution should be exercised in these matters.

The upshot in all this is that politicians who have until now been carelessly playing the race and religion card would be extra careful in case their selfish ploy to garner support backfires. For Khairy Jamaluddin it should be a lesson that he will not easily forget. But there are a lot of trouble-makers in politician's clothings out there who are unlikely to heed the PM's caution, thinking that if they talk like heroes, their verbal slips will be overlooked. It is these misfits that the political leaders should pay attention to and swat, like the dirty flies they are in case they cross the line.

As for Khairy, you have made a mistake and like other human beings you are not infallible. Therefore don't consider this as an issue of pride or loss of face. There is no shame in apologising. It'll even increase your stock in the eyes of others who consider courage in the presence of adversity as a good quality. And please understand it takes much more moral courage to admit wrong and apologise than to hide, evade or talk big about unrelated subjects like 'maruah bangsa.' No one elected you to be a spokesman for maruah bangsa. It was you who took the decision to make an ass of yourself so don't link your idiocy to any fringe issues. No one is going to buy this story. Be a man and say sorry or be prepared to lose all support from very important components of the ruling party machinery, without which you will be history the day Pak Lah leaves the PM's chair.


Blogger Sandra White said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This new kid just came in by default and start a "Nazi" group by himself. Thinking that he can get away with his racist words just because his Father-In-Law is holding the highest position in UMNO. Guess he is still too dumb to know that he will add more problems in Pak Lah administration.

He is really an idiot who talk through his asshole.

UMNO is heading for the darkest scenerio in Malaysian history.
- NewsObserver

10:56 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am dissapointed that Khairy, of all people, would play the "race" card. I was hoping that his years outside of Malaysia would open his eyes and his mind of the danger of playing one race against the other. What is he trying to accomplish by doing so? We should be grateful with what we have -- a multi-nation states where multi races live peacefully with each other. Why do we want to start waging wars against each other? We should move forward as Malaysians, regardless of whether we're Chinese/Indian/Malay/Kadazans etc.

2:50 AM GMT+8  
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