Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sorry Ma'am You're Dead!

Woman shocked to learn of her death. That was the headline in The Star today. Read on. A 42-year-old woman had the shock of her life when informed by the Perlis Registration Department that she has been recorded as dead.

Hasnah Hashim, 42, of Tambun Tulang, Perlis, learned about her “death” on Dec 19, 1999, just two weeks ago when she went to the department to resolve other matters.
The former head of the Tambun Tulang Wanita Umno branch was also told that she had been “buried” in Gopeng, Perak, the following day.

Hasnah said today that she had never lived in Gopeng or at any other place in Perak.
Officers at the department will rectify the mistake immediately.
Hasnah, a mother of two who works at a government department in Perlis, said her name had also been dropped from the electoral rolls and that she was unable to vote in the 2004 general election.

**** Keep in mind that this poor lady is a government servant and a former head of a Wanita UMNO branch! So is it any surprise that it also happens to us, mere mortals? You must have heard of serious mistakes being made regarding gender, religion and misspelt names, as well as minor irritants such as wrong addresses. A hefty bearded Sikh gentleman classified as a Buddhist female or a Mecca returned Hajjah seeing Hindu male written on her IC would probably be so shocked that it might even precipitate a heart attack. Yet we keep on hearing of such instances of sheer carelessness. There must be definitely something very wrong going on in these offices to come up with so many such mistakes. It's as if someone was doing it on purpose either as a sick joke or with malicious intent. I hope I'm wrong, for we don't need this kind of problem added on to our already ever-increasing list of grouses.

Having said this, I must mention here that in one of my earlier posts I had noted that my personal experiences with the Registration Department have been pleasant ones and despite the occasional hiccups I hope that not too many people are officially declared dead before their time in this mortal world is finally up.


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