Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sixteen And Stupid.

What's happening to our kids? You can ask that again! Did you read the Malay Mail? 'Young and Restless' was the headline. 'Young and Stupid' would have been more appropriate. Two cases of teenage idiocy were described.

In the first case a 16 year old girl borrowed her friend's Proton Iswara but instead of going to school, she decided to play truant with her two girlfriends. It ended disastrously when she wrecked the car and the front gate of a double-storey house belonging to an ex-teacher in Jalan SS18/4 yesterday. She hit a tree stump before slamming into the wall. Apparently the driver's parents refused to come to settle the problem. One of the crazy driver's friends said that the parents were furious when told of what had happened. They did not want to come over even when the police called them! (How do you like that for good parental example and responsibility?).

In the second case another 16 year old girl, this time with uncontrolled raging hormones was caught by her mom with nice reddish(?) love bites on her neck. (Actually I really wonder how many zillions successfully hide those hickeys from their families.) Mom confronts daughter in front of a 16 year old boy's parents, enquiring not very discreetly about the young man's voracious appetite and propensity to nibble now and then; girl breaks down in the ISA style interrogation and our amorous young buck is out on a limb. Twice they've had sex which frankly must have come as a real shock to the parents on both sides.

A police report was made and the police picked up the boyfriend early yesterday morning at his home and sent to the University Malaya Medical Centre to have DNA samples taken.The boy was released on the same day after police recorded his statement. Initial investigations revealed that both were studying at the same school and had known each other for eight months. The girl lives with her divorcee mother.

I don't know about you but at sixteen a young guy like the chap in this case shouldn't be staring at a stint in a government facility. For those of you reading this who are 25 years or older, do you remember how you were at sixteen? Smug, confident, thought you knew everything and parents knew zilch. However in retrospect we were all somewhat naive and maybe even a little 'stupid' then. We never thought of consequences, after all the old folks were there to bail us out in case of trouble. We would have been in the same mess if the opportunities had been there. Haven't we ALL experienced the effects of raging hormones and 'feelings' we couldn't quite understand? Masturbation was a heaven-sent release then. So let us not demand that he pay for his mistake. The same we would have made if, I repeat, we had had the opportunity.

As for the young female 'Shoemucker', playing truant is one thing but borrowing a friend's car and then ramming it at high speed into a poor old lady's house is another. I wonder how many laws she broke in the process. The fact that her parents didn't bother to come to her aid shows that she is probably a repeat offender and possibly a recalcitrant one at that. These are juvenile delinquents who would benefit from a stay at a correctional facility for young girls.

In conclusion a 16-year-old will be a 16-year-old until kingdom come and it is upto parents to guide them through this difficult and often perilous phase of their lives. Don't you agree?


Blogger Billy said...

I am now 58. When I was 16 (Form 4), I was busy playing music (formed a rock band) to earn my keeps, especially to pay off my examination fees when the Senior Cambridge Exam came by the following year. I still remember I was reading my first "political" book, "The Russian Revolution" by Alan Moorehead (still have the book in my library until today).

11:43 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Unfortunately Billy the good old days are probably gone never to return. All we can hope for the present generation is that somehow they learn from their parents and good friends how to cope responsibly in life.

2:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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